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Done with full builds.... Both of these cars found me through word of mouth.              This flared CMC is 80% done. It was originally purchased as a kit in 1991 ( it was pulled from the CMC "B" mold so it's straight and the doors fit too. The body sat in the shipping crate in owner's garage in Cherokee, Iowa until 2013 until it was assembled, he did a very decent job.

Delivered here this AM,  has a zero mile reman engine & trans all new chassis too. Need to pull and reseal the 1641 engine, minor electrical, installed the seats and belts, fix a chip in on the wheel well edge the black gel coat has a good shine and the doors fit decent too. install the included top and add chrome bezel rings to the Porsche gauges..... Decide what to do with the wheels too , may just paint the gold centers black.


Idaho CMC 1

                                                                  Dune Buggy

Also bought an all new 80 % done "Allision Daytona" dune buggy also is in as new condition. Zero mile 1915cc engine, trans and all new chassis . The needs body bolted to chassis, finish the wiring plumb the fuel system, install windshield and seats - belts. Sand blast and repaint the white roll bar and bumpers to a metallic silver.

Buggy SC 1


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  • Idaho CMC 1
  • Buggy SC 1
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Alan's gonna need a 3-Bay garage/shop pretty soon.....

I remember buying a "Newly Rebuilt" full-synchro transaxle from a guy around 1970, intending to put it into a Dune Buggy.  As it was being rebuilt, he sold the car it was intended for but kept the tranny "for the next car" which didn't happen because the guy got cancer and had to fight that instead.  

I bought the tranny and checked to see if it had oil in it.  Got it up on milk crates and remove the drain plug and the stuff that came out was clean and honey colored and the slowest moving stuff I had ever seen - Like it was 300 wt or something, but really slippery.

I had to call him to find out what he knew and he says, "Oh, YEAH!  I didn't know when I could use it, so I filled it with STP!"

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