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For the Brain Trust:   While showing my Spyder at a car show a few weeks ago, someone asked me how many 550s Thunder Ranch produced.  It was a question I've never gotten before, and I didn't know the answer.

I asked the question in a post on a Facebook Speedster/550 replica group, and even tagged Tom McBurnie.  However, I didn't get a response.  Further searching past posts on this forum didn't turn up anything, either.

So, I'm taking a shot that someone on here might know. 


Bueller?  Bueller.....? 

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VS seemed to be only company that advertized the # (MS Co-pilot says over 3000).  I tried to find count for CMC/FF Classic and Calif - but no luck.  Even the low production CMC 359 - found just over 202 but then supposedly Thunder Ranch built some 359s too!  Strange in this world of computers and data storage so cheap --- details disappear!

I even tried AI (MS Co-pilot) thinking it could pull something together - all they said was Rock West Racing carried on production.  Final comment was:

The production numbers for the Thunder Ranch 55 Spyder are not widely documented.

Unfortunately, I don’t have specific production numbers for the Thunder Ranch 440 Spyder. If you’re interested in Thunder Ranch replicas, I recommend reaching out to Thunder Ranch directly or exploring collector communities for more detailed information

A military leader once told me that there was more documentation preserved from the Civil War than from Desert Storm.

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@WOLFGANG -- Thank you, Sir.   The number produced has never been of interest to me, as when I'm at a show I usually quote the number of original 550s that were produced by Porsche and how many are left.  But, a car guy like us asked me about the specific run of these by Thunder Ranch.  Now, it's of interest to me.  😉

If I strike out here, I might go ping Mr. McBurnie again on Facebook, or look for a relative of his that might be able to get the answer for me (and thereby, other TR owners here on the forum). 

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