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Hello all, Im a newbie from Oahu, and I'm looking to do a trade for a nice speedster replica for my very nice 1984 380SL. It is in 8/10 shape, turns heads everywhere I go, and is a really fun car. New cloth top, hard top as well. I'm in no hurry, but would like to see if there's any interest. Mahalo


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A word of caution: Don't expect the Speedster to be a slightly racier version of the SL.  We see a lot of folks who buy Speedsters thinking they cooler versions of modern cars and wind up disappointed.  These are replicas of 70 year old technology with minimal creature comforts, and are closer to large go-karts than something like your SL.  I just want to be sure you know what you would be getting in to.  It's great fun, but come into it with open eyes.  If you want a very elemental driving experience then Welcome to the Madness!

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