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This is an annual event and it was my first time there.  They had the best food of any such event I have attended - cookies and coffee in the morning and tacos & pizza at lunchtime.

When I pulled up to the entry they decided I should park right there with two other special cars, Lambos.


I mostly didn't photo newer cars, if you can say '70s on is newer.


1957 CMC (Speedster) in Ann Arbor, MI


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@WNGD posted:

New(er) Lambos and similar don't really belong there imo....boring.

Lots of other nice cars there, what's the grey car on the hoist, that looks more interesting.

Just set up a table where guys can display their financial asset records, bank accounts, investment statements, pics of their homes etc.,  instead of their newer Lambo's, Ferrari's, McClaren's , Ferrari's and Porsches. Then the cars can remain safe in their cocoons.

Give them all a participation trophy and a tax audit.

The weather was cloudy but the temperature was comfortable.  I did encounter some sprinkles on the way home.  If I had not selected "avoid highways" on Google Maps I would have gotten home sooner and may have missed them. When the wipers were on I discovered the blades were going over the windshield bottom rubber and were doing a little damage. I need to adjust the arms so they go up higher and/or get shorter blades.

Vanguard has many more cars in another warehouse.  It was also open but I didn't go there.

For a while, there was a drone flying around overhead.  If it belonged to Vanguard maybe they will post the video.

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