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Hi All

I have a 1957' CMC Speedster converting from the "Vintage" gauges to three new VDO gauges.

The "Vintage' gauges had an Amperes gauge with two heavy red wires connected to the "S" terminal and one heavy orangish wire connected to the "I" terminal.

The orangish wire connected to the "I" terminal appears to always be hot and until connected to the two "S" wires the electrical system appears to be virtually dead under the dash.

Since I no longer have the Amperes Gauge and only an idiot light (Battery Warning Light), I am wondering how this circuit will be completed?

It seems logical that the "S" wires might go on one side of the light and the "I" wire might go on the opposite side of the light, but those are certainly very large wires to seemingly be ran between a light?

Thanks in advance,


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