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I have a 2014 Auratium Green Vintage Speedster I purchased 2 years ago. .  My insurance says the vin # is from a 1970 Porsche 914/6. I thought Vintage only did VW chassis.  Is there a lot of similarity with a 914/6 and standard VW Beetle chassis? At first I thought it was just an error with the Insurance company and I asked them to change it. But every time they come back and say the vin is a 914/6. What do the experts out there think?

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914/6 all have a VIN starting in 914, so I wonder if you have a 74 Bug pan which would have a 114 VIN and it was misread as a 914?  Or someone had a 914/6 title and monkeyed around.

I've found a handful of our Becks with VW VINs welded over top of our in house VIN number and I'm sure it was done because they got tired of dealing with DMV/BMV headaches and "hoops" and bought an old VW title.

A 914 uses a macpherson strut suspension - plus its unibody and doesn't unbolt from the body.  You surely have a VW pan --- or custom tube chassis that someone welded a VIN (Chassis #) to.  What is your pan number?  With it you can find the year the VW was produced. From '60-72 only 3.3k 914/6 were made - but since then many 914 have been converted to 6 cylinders.  A 914/6 VIN would bring some $$$$.

914/6 VINs start with 914 BUT 4 cyl 914 begin with 47 with next digit the year so 0 for '70 and 6 for '76.

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Thanks everyone for responding. My vin is 110240.....

I dont understand why the Insurance company American Modern continues to say it is a 914/6. The correct vin is on their paperwork and my agents paperwork.



The average OEM 914/6 is going for $92k --- doubt your VS is valued at that.  They are charging you too much for your car's insurance, if they are covering a $92k car!  PLUS should you make a claim, I can see big issue with your claim as they don't look alike at all.  I'd get them to correct how they list it or go with a different company!

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