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I recently purchased a used Spyder from a guy in CA and had him drive the car to Vintage. I had never seen the car except in pictures and videos but trusted the guy who I purchased from. I had Greg completely repaint the car and asked for input on anything else it needed. Again, trusting Greg's experience and insight, Greg made several suggestions on upgrades and the price seemed reasonable. The whole refurbish took about 3 1/2 weeks and car was delivered to me in Nashville about a week and a half after that using Intercity Lines. I was ecstatic when the truck finally rolled up and when the car came out I was floored. It looked like a brand new, mint condition Spyder. Way better then I expected! The paint, the interior, the engine, wheels, tires. Everything was perfect. I couldn't be more pleased. I took it for a cruise that night and it drives as good as it looks. I spent several hours in my garage putting decals I had ordered several weeks earlier and had sitting in my office. I took it to cars in coffee on Sat and it was definitely the star of the show that day. I want to thank Greg and his guys at Vintage and also Robert Angelo who sold me the car for their honesty in dealings and quick turn around on this project. I highly recommend Vintage for their Spyders they are super cool.




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