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It is all based on condition. I've seen rare slick CMCs that are worth $15,000. and I've seen cars that you'd be lucky to get $7,000 for. If it is clean and reasonable, but still used... anywhere from $12,000 to $8,000 would be normal. It must drive right and be straight. If the owner can't get in it and go drive it, the market is REALLY bad. I've seen new rolling cars that had a few things to be complete go for $5,000. Things like gas tank, install & set up an engine that's been setting in a garage for 7 years. Or, put in an interior and install the top. A really clean, fresh CMC can fetch $13,000 to $14,000. A clunker is worth $5,000. A good daily driver is probably worth $7,500. Does this give you an idea?
So you dont think a CMC can be sold for $18K +? I have a flared CMC that I would think would go for about that. Its build with all new parts, Brand new VS cloth top, tan interior and seats, $4500 Scat 2180cc engine with dual 44's. Top notch paint job color sanded and buffed, VS gauges, You get the idea. Its got all top notch stuff on this car. My wife wants to drive this car for a while then sell it to buy a house and we hope to get around $18k so please dont tell me that CMCs dont bring money even if you put the best parts on them.

There is no "established" resale value for any year or manufacturer's kit car. It is always a buyer's market; you may get lucky and sell for a reasonable price or the car may go begging for a buyer at half of what you paid for it (assuming that YOU paid a reasonable price for it). If your completed car suits a buyers color choices and has options he desires you'll probably get a "current market value" price for your car, whatever that happens to be.

Cars that are still basic kits or partly finished almost always bring low dollar in my experience.
I half-ass track the sale of replicas on eBay and at other sales sites and judging by what I've learned at this site and the boo-boos I've made first hand, I just don't see much in the way of recapturing the majority of your investment.Period.

Now, that may sound harsh, but judging by the number of cars (real and replica Porsches) that don't make the seller's anticipated reserve, the cars that are re-listed, etc., it is indeed a very subjective market.

And then the flood of Turnkeys are sooo attractively priced, that a re-seller is really headed to financial heartache competing with 'brand new'.

I get compliments on my car from passers-by, and I've even entertained the notion of trying to sell replicas as a sideline, but getting someone to commit is tough!

The fun factor/pride of accomplishment for you stout souls that built your own ride, has to be your trade-off when you try and pencil out the final equation.

Show me the money!(Any money!)
And to the originator of this thread, let me know when you need a home loan, it's what I do best!
Ed, it depends on what you buy and what you want.

There seems to be several benchmarks -- very cheap for unfinished kits for the do-it-yourself-ers. Next are the cars a bit long in the tooth, priced in the six to 9 thousand range. Lastly the two-to-three year old Vintage and JPS cars in the mid-teens.

I bought a very used IM for 8500. I had to replace the top, side curtains, tonneau cover, tires, added sway bars and shocks and installed rear disks. By the time I do an okay engine I will be right close to what a couple year old Vintage or JPS would have cost.

In retrospect if I will have about the same bucks in mine as a newer used McSpeedster that doesn't need tops, etc., that may be a better way to go about it (newer fiberglass, newer wiring, etc.). Don't know. Having done the work myself I know the car, and the work is done right, but it would have been nice to buy the thing and just drive it.
Mike, you may get more what you expect for that car. Sounds like a nice one. To be honest, I believe these car's values are largely based on condition. I recently saw an early fibercraft? Speedster. It had a wonderful 2110 motor with Dual Dell 45s. Nice ride, top to bottom and wheels. (It had $1200 to $1500 worth of Fuch five spokes and a custom exhaust.)

I knew it was not a CMC because it did not have the extra cross brace under the dash between the two door uprights/defroster tubes. Anyway, it would could fetch $15,000 to $18,000 even up against a recent replica.
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