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I am going to list this car on an auction site.  The person i purchased it from was unsure who made the body or built the car.  John, JPS Motorsport, thought it was a  CMC body finished by Kirt at Vintage Motorsports.  Sam at Vintage Speedster / Scottsdale told me (a few years ago) she thought it was a Vintage Speedster interior. She went on to say no records were kept on builds / they received none with the purchase of the company.  Do you know anything that can be confirmed.... don't want to misrepresent it.  If you need more pics send a request to my e mail.



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My take - Fiberfab or CMC California  (C) flared fenders.  Interior does look to be VS as do front turn signal lenses, and frunk liner.  Engine grill is OEM/Replica and not CMC. 

Looks to be well built - do like the lowered floor pans and 356 oil filter.

Do check the hood and engine lid to see if INTERMECANICA is castintermechanica hinges in them - distant off chance it's IM.


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My money is on a CMC with an interior finished by the old Vintage Speedster.

My first Speedster was a homebuilt car of unknown provenance with an interior finished by Vintage Speedster. They would do that for guys, back in the late '90s.

The body and the gauges scream "CMC".

Regarding cast "Intermeccanica" hinges -- if it's a flareside car, I don't think it can be a California IM (they didn't build any, to my knowledge), and if it were one of the 3 or 4 flareside Vancouver IMs ever built it could be immediately obvious.... but there would be no cast Intermeccanica hinges, which was a California IM thing.

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