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Today gentlemen I discovered that not all windshield frames are created equal. Some are light and flimsy and require the windshield to hold them in place, however today I saw a Speedster with a much more robust frame that was more u shaped and solid and looked like it held the windshield and not the other way round. Question. Where do you get a decent windshield frame from?

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I'm sure this is the baby you are looking for - OEM from Sierra Madre

Speedster Windshield Frame Set (54-58)
Part #: 644.541.252.99Coucours show quality "brass" Speedster windshield frame set. It includes the top bow frame, two side posts and the lower lip molding. Made in Europe with high quality brass. Each set would need to be adjusted, drill holes and fitted to your Speedster before chroming all pieces.

At $6850 that turns to about 10k to get it here in NZ. I might have to make my own. Does anyone have a decent up close and personal shot of a vintage or any other brand of screen frame so I can have a really good look at the top extrusion etc. There web shots tell you nothing of the detail so it's really hard to tell how robust it is. After all I've herd of guys putting the top up and clipping on and pulling the whole frame top off the screen. Bugger.

I was over at Kirk's  (Vintage Speedster)  this morning and happened to take a close look at his windshield frame and the rubber "C" channel that goes between the glass and the frame. The frame wall thckness is approximately 3/32" thick and 1/8" thick at the top of the "U" shape.  The rubber "C" channel is a square "U" shape and is also approx. 3/32" in thickness. I don't know if this helps you but it is information.....Bruce

Since you have NO windshield, frame or even convertible top you have a blank slate to work with.  The brass replica was kind of a joke at near $7k un-chromed.

You could go with a D (Draus)  top frame with has stronger side posts and ~2" taller glass which allows for a taller top (for more head room and better visibility. $750 plus glass.

Convertible D, Roadster, & Speedster Windshields and Trim

 Image result for porsche 356 cabriolet top frame

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Don, there are a few folks here who have considerable experience fitting replica windshield frames to Speedsters. I was hoping by now some of them might have piped up. I don't have that experience, but can at least offer this.

The windshield and frame don't seem to be notable trouble spots on these cars if you understand the installation process, do your homework, and proceed carefully. The most common replica frames, being extruded aluminum, are a bit fragile, but once properly fitted, they do seem to support the glass well and allow the soft top to be put up and down with no serious issues.

You do have to be careful about not leaning on the corners of the frame heavily, as the flexing frame can cause the glass to crack, but it's not like every other car you see has a cracked windshield or the frames are constantly working loose in normal use.

I have had some issues in the three years I've owned a VS  (perhaps not unreasonable for a hand-made car from a small shop, produced at a very low price point), but the windshield hasn't been one of them.

Can you explain why you're particularly concerned about this?

If it will ease your doubts any, we can come up with a lot of things on these cars to worry about more than the windshield frame.



Thanks for the feed back. Fitting it isn't the problem. The one I saw the other day the owner said it was a proper Speedster frame and it looked the part and appeared solid. My issue I suppose is that the pictures the suppliers provide are far from adequate to be able to tell what it is you actually getting. A quality product or a s*** knock off. Some frames appear to be square edged and others are rounded. It's hard to tell and I'm so far away I need to get it right first time especially with the exchange rate and tax on top. Cheers 


Again, I wish someone more experienced than I were answering, but I think you won't go wrong from a cosmetics perspective with a VS frame. Its shape looks right and it's aluminum, so can be polished to a really nice finish.

Where the VS kit often falls down, though, is in the chrome plating on the windshield posts (which are steel, I think). Mine are textured a bit, but I don't spend much time on the Concours circuit, so it doesn't bother me too much. Besides, the mottled finish on the posts works well with my paint drips and orange peel. From a quarter mile away, they look just fine.

I'm guessing the products from Henry will be better in that regard, if a bit more pricey.

And oh, one more thing. VS uses a much cruder system of attachment clamps for the top ('roof' in the UK and OZ?). The bottom edge of the frame is flared a bit and the clamp just grips onto that. Henry uses dedicated bits, much closer to the original, I think. There may be some photos of this on his website.


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Hi Alan, What do you think are the differences between them? On a different note. My car arrives today. Yes. A little story for the boys. I went to the classic car show a couple of weeks ago and was standing around looking at 356's and started talking to this old for about an hour. He told me he had been a Porsche and VW mechanic his whole life. I said I had bought a Speedster from the states and was going to be looking for an engine, probably a type 4. He say's to me that I'd better come around to his place because he's got one type 4 engine out of a 914 that he built a few years ago. It's balanced and blueprinted and will pull huge rpm. So I went around and sure enough there it is and he goes, there you go sonny that'll scare the s*** out of ya in your Speedster. So I'm thinking that this is going to cost me a limb or something. Well anyway after chatting to him and his wife for a couple of hours  he turns to me and says you can have it for $1000. I nearly fell over. Obviously I'm in favor with the Gods or something. You just don't find that sort of engine lying around down here. Now I'll have to convert it to upright fan etc to get it in the hole. This'll be fun. 


Don, here are some detail photos of my windshield frame - as installed by VS on a new build. Again, note that VS uses a simplified, inexpensive method to secure the top clamps to the frame when the top (roof) is up.

IM and Beck (I think) use dedicated catches secured to the frame for this - like the original Porsche method. If you order from IM or Beck, I don't know if that additional hardware is included with the frame.

Click on photos for more detail.




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