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Good morning! Yes, I saw that one. Definitely different. That ones not only over my budget but the amount of money it would take me to get it to my liking would put an even bigger hole in my pocket. I was in the process of buying one but a guy sold it out from under me yesterday. Said because the other buyer was buying it sight unseen and I wanted a video of it running?! We were in the talks of me flying up to go see it.


Hang in there, Isaac! There's a car out there just waiting for you to find it.

My initial search for a Speedster replica was before the internet and the weekly Auto Trader (remember those days) was one of the very few avenues for searching cars. Took me 8 months and several hundred miles of driving to see the prospective cars before luck would eventually have me find the perfect Speedster for me (figuratively speaking). In the current replica environment, a Spyder for < $40K may be pretty ambitious, but you never know. Stay vigilante!  

P.S. - if you aren't already, you should include TheSamba (a huge VW forum) as part of your search.

Keep up the search. I was feeling low about having had to pass on a couple I liked (for NJ registration reasons) and then I went from a first contact to done deal in two days, in my garage in five more. Lots of luck but partly because of being well equipped: Money in hand, clear idea of what's a preference and what's a dealbreaker, registration research done. The disappointments were training.

@novice66 posted:


The one I got passed on was a couple thousand under $40k. Adding salt to my open wound, the guy said yea, it’s too bad because I had it for sale for so long and then I get 2 guys that call me about within 2 days. I said yea and I was the first one to say I’d buy it. Some guys. SMH

There’s an old saying in Porschedom. “There’s no such thing as a $10K Porsche.” Obviously, that was a long tome ago. Your mechanic’s version might be “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.”

The point being, given thd market, there’s a good reason someone is selling a Spyder for <$40K. Chances are, if needs $25K of work to be worth $50.

Unless you can do the work yourself, and are actually LOOKING FORWARD to doing so, you’re time/money ahead to buy a finished project that you can enjoy from day 1. Chances are, you’re not going to be saving any money, in the long run, to buy a cheaper car.

(Unless someone is completely oblivious to the market and just wants to get rid of one)

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