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Vintage Motorcars - Innovations

Be sure to read our article on how this all started.
Vintage Motorcars - New Facility

Can you improve an iconic design without losing its character?

That's the question we asked Greg Leach at Vintage Motorcars of California. He didn't give us a long monologue, he just took us to the production line.

From a 25 foot vantage point, the Speedsters, Coupes and Spyders keep their beautiful iconic style. However, a closer look shows several improvements which Vintage Motorcars of California engineered in just the last few months.

Exhibit A - Bumpers

If you love the outlaw, no-visible bumper look, this might not mean much to you. Vintage Motorcars BumpersThe vast majority of Speedsters have bumpers and up until now, most of the manufacturers placed a bolt through the bumper itself. That leaves only the option of covering the bolt with trim or keeping it exposed. Vintage Motorcars of California now offers a bumper with no visible bolting system. The result is a smooth design, which lends itself to the body lines we have all come to love.

Exhibit B – Door Latch Mechanism

Vintage Motorcars Door LatchOver the years, Speedster manufacturers have by and large used the same bulky latch mechanism. “No problem”, you say, “It’s meant to be functional”. While that is true, why does something have to be functionally unattractive? Behold the new latch mechanism incorporated into the door. All the functionality, without a glaring Titanic sized assembly.

Exhibit C – Engine Hatch Unlatch Knob Placement

I’ve personally owned over a dozen Speedsters from a variety of manufacturers. The engine hatch unlatch knob has always been in the same place. Just perfectly positioned to snag your shirt at the shoulder level. Vintage Motorcars Knob PlacementMore than once I have hit the knob and left a bruise on my shoulder. So why hasn’t it been moved to a more convenient place? No one is sure, but after decades of asking, Vintage Motorcars of California answered the question. Notice the new, low placement of the cable knob. No more snagging, no more complaining.

These are just a few of the improvements Vintage Motorcars of California are bringing to our beloved cars. Stayed tuned as we explore more improvements from Vintage Motorcars of California in future articles.

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