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While I pursue some ugly matters (from God), I may have some items for sale as I doubt I will have anything to use them on. First time posting images so hope this works. Not for sale yet but maybe soon.

Vintage Heur double stop watch panel I made for dash. FYI those watches are the real deal and not cheap so this will not be for everyone.

Stopwatch Panel-006

A complete and new Retro radio system (except speakers were returned dirty and bent by some guy). Can supply pics when/if.

A Moto-lita wooden steering wheel and hub (copy) I got from England that a builder here didn't know how to install. Guy I got it from has installed often on VW-based Speedster replicas (he sent proof). Fits generic middle age VW's. May require a small amount of INTELLIGENCE and SKILL to install.Moto-Lita Copy for VW-003

An all stainless exhaust stinger I made. 3-bolt flange pattern with matching flange for welding to header.Flange on stinger is now welded.09-14-17 Exhaust-001

There's other stuff like racing pedals etc.


Images (3)
  • Stopwatch Panel-006
  • 09-14-17 Exhaust-001
  • Moto-Lita Copy for VW-003
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Just a note. On a prior reply I mentioned Troy and kidded (tried anyway) about buying a car from him. What I meant was I would never personally consider another build project unless I built it myself. My advice was to only buy a completed car from someone like Troy where you can touch it, inspect it, drive it, and is already registered/titled/roadworthy. This way you can do background checks and know what you are getting.

I do not personally know Troy but followed some of his prior sales. I would've considered a purchase with him but I needed A/C. Just wanted to be clear.

Roy Simpson, FF Plastic Porsche posted:

Here's a possible story line.

Some nameless idiot, finds some unscrupulous shyster, sues some nameless company. Company goes out of business, nameless idiot gets rich/gloats.

I should write a novel, but I never learned to write.

Just a Hypothetical guess, could be, might be, maybe, could of or maybe not.

Nawh. Boring. Some stories have been overdone. Writing a novel is hard. I know. Respectfully, you best stay with nice cars.

You need a better story. You have to keep your chronological order straight. You have to do some better character development. Some prefer international intrigue and lots of angles and action. A good writer will focus on the real story, not have dreams of getting rich off one book, and ALWAYS have the reader's best interest in mind.  


Well I know my story. Builds are on. A dozen cars + in various stages being built or waiting in line. Busy shop... Know what that means?? Schedules fall behind. So if you want your car now, it ain't gonna happen. I know that, John knows that, and so should his customers coming in.

I know a bit about his partnership. The shop move will be a good thing. Its takes time with a small operation.

I thought Johns health was good. Keep on keepin' on.

Thanks, Max. That's so comforting to know. 

Did you get to see John's 911 or run into his neighbors and ask them how things were going? Is he doing any deals overseas? How's that going? Looks like things are looking so good for JPS Motorsports and it's customers. that the name on the contract? So many little time. It's all too confusing.

I am sure you can take John's word to the bank. America is finally great again.


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Not here.

My story hasn't changed. All documented. To repeat...

* Contract called for turn-key car, registered by JPS and delivered Sept, 2017.

*John set the contract date. We questioned it several times. He assured us. As with any contract, whatever date that's set, once breached, it's breached. If no new contract, no new date.

*Almost all intermediate deadlines were never reached in time to have car finished. But promises and assurances were always made.

*Matters got more " heated" as due date passed.

*John then casually informed us he used a salvage chassis and title. May not matter to some but my state, it's bad news.

*John then informed us he was installing a JDM motor. We didn't order a JDM. I'll let others read about this. Bad news for us if he didn't follow protocol. I sent him protocol. Again JPS had to register car per contract.

*We also ordered a DOHC motor (not standard build). John verified he was installing a SOHC. We started inquiring about his building techniques. Like a chassis welding table and other proper car building matters. We got real nervous. 

*Promise after promise made over months without following through on any. We finally had enough as there was not apparent end in sight.

*Asked for full refund by EOY, 2017. That passed and John started getting more unreasonable.

*2018, John said he had a buyer. Told John I didn't care how he raised the money. John said 1/3 money would be sent with 2/3 at EOM. Like all the rest of his BS, Didn't happen.

*Much later John sent $10k but not the rest (excess of $20k). Wouldn't respond about rest. Sent me back parts I had sent. Dirty and damaged. Added to the bill.

*No money, no car, no communication what John  Steele plans to do. No response directly by old or new company or on this forum. People here have already asked for that. 

*I remind him weekly. He doesn't answer emails or calls. Says we are not welcome on his property and his lawyer can't meet due to conflict of interest. BS. At least we don't have to hear a bunch of promises he won't keep.

JPS Motorsports, Inc (State Att. Gen records) is inactive. Records show codes for why it closed.

No record of JPS Motorsports business or license with county, city or DMV we can see. Maybe John can clarify how his business is operating. I know authorities have visited.

So what does that say about any existing contracts?

JPS Classics, LLC opened. John found a partner. (Eek). Registered address is San Marcos not N. Hollywood. They are using JPS Motorsports name and Vanowen address when convenient. No excuse for that. Not even a one-man shop excuse. Business is business.

And there's much, much more I can't mention. I think that's enough to draw some conclusions about businesses and the risks. 

Max is satisfied after talking with John. All I can say is, If his contract (with JPS Motorsports?) due date has passed, he should consider his options carefully now.

Oh...and I am still not going away. Note to  John Steele (and/or pard-ner). I left phone message yesterday. We want our money. I also emailed prior that I want it by EOD today (04-11-18). I'm not convinced there is anything but unfinished contracts, debt, and empty promises to be a good boy.


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I have built 3 turnkey Vintage Motorcar Spyders. First one 1.5 years. Second 2.5 years. This car will be delivered at the 1 year mark. All promised to be built much sooner. None of my contracts had dates of completion. And yes there were times I was frustrated.  But I received all three cars. All were beautiful works of mechanical art. And I’m very happy to call Greg Leach a friend today. Some times you have to give folks the benefit of the doubt. It has certainly worked out for me. 

@4Banger have you consulted an attorney?  It sounds like you tried to resolve this in a gentleman fashion. But that isn’t happening. 

So bring your contract to an attorney. Have them review and provide proper direction. 

There have been numerous responses on this post. We’ve all heard you. Members have even done field recon work to assist you.  I’d stop “harassing” John altogether until you consult an attorney.  That may be the only next step in your future to providing resolution. 

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