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All good gents. 4banger was the loser that started this thread... remember him? Woe is he? Never got a JPS.

Its not who you work with, but how  you work with somebody. That would be on topic with this thread. JC and I got coupes after 4bangers failed attempt. Vey nice coupes no less. Perfect no, but pretty darn good (JC's had issues). They aren't supercars... maybe a super VW. ...About an average real 356 Porsche and an ok replica. Maybe. ZF knows my coupe moves out. I know JC's car moves out. But just average VW or Subie hi-po.

I brought up my latest car as when I post a pic of my boy and I out driving the back roads (he in his 2000 beemer) & people start bragging up their 'ultimate' cars. Me me me...  So, so did I. Off topic hits quick on this forum lol. But what do you expect for a JPS thread. Its a condescending thread.

I knew some knowledge-less soul would start yapping how a 396 is a big block. Bite! Yes it usually is. Different combinations of stroked small block are becoming popular. And powerful.

I chose the 396 sbc just for this reason. For some ignoramus to tell me its a big block. LOL Fun. It has big block power across the board. I could of picked a 427 sb also. I wont speak any more of my car. Its for other areas of motorsport interest.

I appreciate the interest, and the non interest...

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Sounds great. Yes I’m a roadie but I also have a Mtn Bike. And I found a way to mount it on a repro Lietz luggage rack that’s on my 912. My Vintage gets driven all year round  but I can always find time to drive a Suby Coupe. Send her my way if you ever want to part ways with your JPS - I’m calling first  I think I told you that last year 😁



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Hey guys, the Cars & Coffee in South Orange County (San Clemente) is still going strong. It's a huge gathering EVERY Saturday 09:00 - 11:00 rain or shine. Here's a link...

Also, here's a link to SoCal Car Culture. It has an event page that lists every car gathering in SoCal. There's a gathering every day of the week year 'round.

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Here is my neck of the woods. Pacific Northwest. Not socal, not populated! ...Orchard country. Could be backroads like I did with RacerX in cali.

My car cannot be much lower. The big azz Subie oil pan is the limiting factor - and I have already drug it. Sure feels low climbing in!


Fogged in, raining & some snow now in my fabulous (?) PNW at the moment. The car is on the tender, covered & sea foam in the tank. And ready for spring.


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Just got back from a walk through the neighborhood in the Atlantic Northeast and, I gotta tell ya, we were freezin' our cheeks off out there (yeah, those, too!)

35º when we left, walked for 20 minutes and 28º when we got back at 15:45.  This really sucks after having two weeks of mid to upper 70's!

This is that time of year where regardless of how good your cockpit heat is, the rest of the car is really stiff from the cold and rides like a truck.  Lots of new squeeks and (g)rumbles and the shifts are always stiff because the transmission never really warms up.

Hate the thought of putting Pearl away for her hibernation, but life is getting in the way.

We had a string of 60°< this week. Got out for a little drive yesterday, put my new/old tires on and tried them out. Was planning on a nice drive today but although it's 62°, is sprinkling and overcast. Probably snowing where I'd planned on driving.

Due for rain/snow the rest of the week. Fingers crossed for a few nice days next week.

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