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7D47F8F3-36B4-434D-B572-6A18DE36FA520FFE37F9-8997-40FC-B465-67393125C677Can’t wait to see all of you!

This is my third try at our West Coast event, having had major motor failures the last two Mays. 🙄

However, St. Paul Ellis has loaned me one of his engines while I’m having a fresh one built, so I will not miss this year!  Each of you should have a friend as kind-hearted and generous as Paul in your town… He and I love our cars, but only he  has the skills to keep them alive! 

 On another note, I enjoyed the usual phenomenon (one that I know we’ve all experienced) at the massive Scottsdale Cars and Coffee event this past Saturday – that is, even when her neighbor is pretty fancy, my little girl always seems to draw the crowd… 

See you all soon!




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Ryan in NorCal posted:

See you all in 95 days.

@Robert M, do you have all the help you need?

So far:

Me - Plan and confirm the route, @Ryan (formerly) in NorCal - route packets and photo poker rules, @Teby S - t-shirt design, @OCC - waiting on t-shirt design to print t-shirts, koozies, stickers, etc., I haven't talked to him yet but maybe @Troy Sloan could bring some oil, tools, and common spare parts and help with SAG (support and gear),  my brother - BBQ at the lunch spot, Nancy's friends - cater Saturday night dinner, and the rest of the West Coast and beyond SOCers will just need to come and hang out and have fun. Oh, and bring some cool prizes for the raffle.

So far I have the following people: @OCC, @MusbJim, @Terry Nuckels, @TheMayoMachine, @Kevin - Bay Area, @RacerX, @sherco_chris, @Ryan (formerly) in NorCal, @goofer, @Troy Sloan, @Rick99GSX, @Napa Paul, @*LongFella, @Roy, @Todd M, @Tom Murtaugh, @ChrissyB, @Karyadi, @IMDoug, @majorkahuna, @PaulEllis, @Cory McCloskey, @GERD@BlakeAndJen, Vinny, Bill Nash (Does anyone know Bill's screen name??) and maybe @aircooled but he's not sure yet. @Meade has expressed an interest but nothing definitive.

Also sounds like we have some other interested parties as well. I think @Carlo and @curtissb are looking to attend as well.

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Here's the info again for those who don't want to look through the whole thread:

The host hotel is:

Quality Suites San Luis Obispo
1631 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Hotel 805-541-5001

25 rooms at the rate of $229.00 have been secured for us for this event. You must call and reserve your room before April 29th, 2019. After that there is no guarantee you'll get a room. When you are booking your room tell them it is for the SOC.  If you call after that date let them know you're with the group and you MIGHT still get the price but is based on availability so book early.  If you book and need to cancel later on post it here first and maybe you can transfer the room to someone else.

There is no obligation to stay at the host hotel, it just makes it easier to socialize, mix, mingle, party, drink or whatever it is you want to do, and keep track of who is attending. If you want to stay somewhere else that's fine just make sure you make it there Friday evening to pick up your route packets with lunch and dinner tickets, t-shirts, cruise maps, and etc.

I'll be posting more information later regarding t-shirts, Saturday lunch, and the Saturday night dinner.

As always if you'd like to bring an item for the raffle it'd be greatly appreciated.

@Robert M has planned a legendary route through the central coast. Here are just a few of the sights you'll drive through on our adventure. Unreal.

If you're on the fence about joining us this year, this should make the decision easier.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.11.08 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.10.47 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.09.26 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.52.02 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.51.44 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.10.38 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.18.29 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.17.53 PM

The route winds it's way through deserted coast and country roads — from tight and twisty to fast open sweepers. The scenery is spectacular, the bends second to none, and the roads, just about empty. I cannot wait.


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  • Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.11.08 PM
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.10.47 PM
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.09.26 PM
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.52.02 PM
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.51.44 PM
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@Rick99GSX you have no idea. This year is as adventurous as it is ambitious. I can’t wait to follow you through some of these turns.

I’ve been googling epic drives Robert missed and have yet to find one. This route is going to check a lot off the bucket list.

Note: The route is not yet ready for publication, but there’s plenty of time to make sure it’s perfect. Next step is Robert driving the entire route to finalize. But you’ll have the route and map prior to the start so you can study it in advance.

It’s never too early to download offline maps from Google Maps, as cell service may be limited on some of the roads. Instructions:



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Definitely @Rick99GSX! And btw, I love the new profile pic.

I just got my car tuned (as you offered to drive all the way out to help) and it’s running so well right now. Here’s a shot from Healdsburg last week. Seems like the Spring will be a good time to make sure she’s ready for the big SLO trip.



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Rick99GSX posted:

@Ryan (formerly) in NorCal we should get together once the rain clears and do a Napa/Sonoma run. It will give us a chance to dust of the cobwebs 😁

Are you kidding, Rick? There are no longer any cobwebs in either county. All the "cobs" have drowned and the rain has washed the "webs" away! 

That said, though, I agree a local "inter-valley" run would be - to quote that felon Martha Stewart - "a good thing," and I'd like to join you! 

Robert M posted:

27 rooms booked so far. Because it's early the hotel is still giving the reduced rate. As we get closer to the deadline the special price may not be available.

@Dan Stewart has booked a room.

Yay, Shannon will be joining us!!

I mean, yay, Dan and Shannon will be joining us.

@Robert M Ha, Ha, Ha...if you can't see it from there I will show you my one finger salute I am giving you when WE, yes WE arrive in SLO 

Dan Stewart posted:
Robert M posted:

27 rooms booked so far. Because it's early the hotel is still giving the reduced rate. As we get closer to the deadline the special price may not be available.

@Dan Stewart has booked a room.

Yay, Shannon will be joining us!!

I mean, yay, Dan and Shannon will be joining us.

@Robert M Ha, Ha, Ha...if you can't see it from there I will show you my one finger salute I am giving you when WE, yes WE arrive in SLO 

@Dan Stewart

I’ll have to see it in my rear view mirror. Bwaaa Haaaa

Last edited by Robert M
aircooled posted:

I hear Paul is coming too !  Are you both driving your cars over here ?  I won't have a car by then so I'm debating on attending this year.  I will be donating a set of Wind Wings again. Your car would look even better with a set of them to go with your WSW tires. Maybe you'll get lucky at the drawing !  ......Bruce

Hey, buddy...

Looks like Paul and I will both be trailering over, and saving all that mileage for the California scenery...

And I hope I AM lucky at the drawing — your wings are terrific!

**NEWS ALERT**    Deja Vu All Over Again

As of Friday morning, March 8th, Hwy 1 is closed 25 mi. south of Carmel due to weathered related road damage (buckling). CALTRANS gives no estimate as to when repairs might be completed, and the PCH reopened to traffic. Any of you/us who have been looking forward to driving this route from Monterey south to SLO should have a backup plan "B" in place. If June comes around with Hwy #1 still closed, that Plan "B" will certainly become Plan "A".

Remember: Don't kill the Messenger!

Last edited by Napa Paul

Thanks @Napa Paul. Looks like it's the same stretch as the giant Mud Creek landslide in 2017.

Here's a link where we can stay up to date on conditions:

Current State Route 1 Conditions


I don't see the Carmel closure you mention here, so maybe that's already cleared up.

I've done plan "B" a few times, in and out. It's not so bad. I was already planning to sneak back up this year, just for the climb. It's worth it.

Last edited by Ryan (formerly) in NorCal
For sure! The PCH from Carmel to Morro Bay is great, but in a Porsche it's spectacular. I did it in '84 in my '64-1/2 SC in August (you could see Japan) from my house at Pillar Point all the way down to Santa one day!  Ugh!  I thought I was going to die the next day...but at the time (being young and stupid) I thought it was worth it. Being a lot older, but only a little wiser, I now really want to do the short version (Monterey - SLO) in the Speedie. I am familiar with a few of the "go-arounds" and, that said, I hope they will allow a Speedster convoy a way around the right places. With more rains to come, though, in the next 60 days we can only cross our fingers and hope Caltrans gets off their cumulative asses!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, @Terry Nuckels, but I think Paul is a better fit for this role. His eagle eyes spotted an "Hourly Update" feed I missed — and the result is not favorable: Mud Creek area is still closed.

New Bookmark:




"Local" news has also picked up the story:

The good news is that Caltrans has 90 days to fix it. I'm rooting for them. They're only predicting 1-day to fix. But acknowledge the big landslides happen when the area starts drying out. That's what we'll have to watch for.

Worst case scenario: we jump that lil' pothole!

Last edited by Ryan (formerly) in NorCal

Turning numbers into nouns by putting an article in front is peculiar to So. Cal. You are from Chicago where you take the Dan Ryan Expressway. Or in N.Cal you take I80. Only other place I can think of that treats numbers as nouns is the UK. As in take the M1. When I spend a lot of time in So Cal I succumb to the habit. For this trip we will be taking Hwy 1. Below SLO it is the 1 or more likely the PCH.

This and other worthless pieces of trivia can be yours for a couple of beers. 


I believe this all started in the early days of the So Cal freeway system. All freeways were given names and most still have names today. For example The Pasadena Fwy, The San Diego Fwy, The Golden State Fwy, etc. At some point they became so numerous people shorted the names to numbers but keep the article in front. Imagine navigating LA as an outsider, looking for names without the aid of GPS. Now that is complicated. Given the average speed on The 405 you will have plenty of time. 


I've always thought that a peculiar local vernacular as well, Noel.

Putting "the" in front of the highway number always sounds like football payers who played for "THE Ohio State University", as if there were two and I might get confused otherwise.

In the Midwest (Chicago included) we take "Highway 101" or "101". If it's got a name (like "the Dan Ryan", for example), it'll sometimes get used with "the" in front of it.

Otherwise, we're "out on 74", but never "out on the 74"

Last edited by Stan Galat
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