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Hi Guys, hey I've  enjoyed following the threads as a newbie, I've never posted before or attended any events. As a long time Monterey resident I've  I made countless trips down the coast in my rides. I currently have a vintage speedster in silver on black with the fake fuchs and a nice greg mcnair 2 liter with webers on it. My question is this, my friend wants to buy my speedster and my other friend has a freshly built thunder ranch 718 rsk spyder that he wants to sell me. Is that car acceptable for the cruise? it doesn't have a top, or windows, or radio and all it has under the bonnet is a 225 hp subie engine with a custom built rancho transaxle. It was hand built by Greg mcnair and pebble beach Butch, 2 of the craziest guys I've ever seen behind the wheel. Anyways Butch said he'd sell me the rsk and I'd like to come on the cruise as long as you guys wont be embarrassed and make me obey all the traffic laws and stuff. Thanks, MontereyBrian.

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Brian, the West Coast SOC Cruise started out 14 years ago primarily as an SOC Speedster event. Over the years, members that no longer have their Speedsters (for whatever reason) continued to attend the West Coast Cruise because it had evolved from a car-specific event to a friends-getting-together event. So now, it's actually a Run-What-You-Brung-Cruise (El Camino's, '32 Ford Hot rod truck, '57 T-bird, Range Rover HSE, Caddy Allente, etc.).

That would be cool to see both the Speedster & RSK join the shenanigans in SLO this June! 

Hi guys, per Troy's question. Yes the car is a thunder ranch roller from a few years back. My friends finished it off here and originally it had a type 1- 2 liter with a standard type transaxle in it. After just a few miles the exhaust melted one of the rear axle boots and butch (previous owner) got mad and yanked the whole power train out and replaced it with a non turbo subie motor backed up with a custom rancho transaxle, right down to the gear ratios. My friend wound up with the  type 1 motor and butch bought a nice 911 cabriolet  and decided to part ways with the rsk, that's when I learned about it. He took me for a drive around Pebble beach and scared the crap out of me, never got out of second gear. I got out after the test ride, knees shaking, and hurriedly exclaimed, "i'll take it", and how much for the 911? super nice car. Now im just waiting for my friend to buy my speedster so I can make the deal go thru. I need another car like I need another hole in the head. So I posted a pic of the rsk in "my cars" section, I cant figure out how to get it over in this section for everyone to see it.

Well, I just got off the phone with CB Performance and the engine for the Spyder will take at least 14-15 weeks before is built (I'm like number 35 on the engine list). Needles to say the Spyder will be missing at the event but Vanessa and I will still go on the daily driver. What makes this worse is that I'm not sure the Spyder will be ready for Tour d' Hoe either :-(

majorkahuna posted:

I am planning on staying in Monterey on Thursday 6/6. Paul Watts will be there as well but in the Spook Housing on the Post. I will be somewhere near Del Monte Center. The current plan is to meet up @ 12pm at the Starbucks at Del Monte center. 

Paul and I are planning on dinner Thursday evening. I expect to arrive 3PM.

@majorkahuna, Can you update the NorCal Caravan Thread with the new details?

I'm also planning on arriving in Monterey on the 6th. You're welcome to join me for a full morning of extracurriculars on the 7th while the rest of our NorCal Caravan races down to meet us. It includes 2hrs of Big Sur Coast and a quick bite at Nepenthe. 9am Carmel start. Just an extra 50 miles.

And if your schedule is a bit more flexible, consider joining me for a more ambitious route down from NorCal to Carmel on June 6th. This includes the Sacramento Delta, Mines Road (the "Nürburgring of the Bay Area"), and Mount Hamilton / Lick Observatory. Let me know if you're interested and we can coordinate times.

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