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Paul L. Watts posted:

I just made the lunch reservation for 12 "Whackadooz" at Monterey's Lalla Grill (Del Monte Shopping Center) @ 12 Noon - Just look for the funny looking Volkswagens parked nearby.

See y'all there and then! 

Was great meeting everyone at Lalla grill. Nice to put a face with the name. Enjoy SLO. @@Vlad nice drive back. Hope the wife and yourself had a great time at SC

Terry Nuckels posted:

@OCC, you have hats? I want a hat.

“If you get a hat, then you most certainly will want the monogrammed speedo with the Plastic car logo....and of course you must get the rare African onyx, hand-carved toothpick in the shape of a 356 hood handle, commemorating the cruise. I tell you, I am saving a mint by not going!” ... He said jealously.

Author unknown

I love the idea of an SOC or PCCA hat, but (no offence Brian) I wouldn't be caught dead in a hat like that. Maybe  dark grey washed cotton? I'll bet it's an older guy thing...

washed cotton baseball hat

Something like this with an SOC logo stitched in slightly darker? I just can't see myself doing the hiphop/rapper lid.


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  • washed cotton baseball hat

Y'all have a safe journey home. Wish we could do it again next weekend! Memorable moment among many: the fuel stop at Chevron in Paso/Niblick on the route, that's my regular Saturday morning top off. (Warmup from my garage is a neutral coast down the hill for some premium) To see Speedsters take over all the pumps, awesome, AND the ARCO across the street . I'll be in Paso in the meantime, give me a buzz if you come through. - Marcel



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What are the specs of that hat? You know the drill. Is it 100 thread count per inch or a polymer blend. What percentage poly versus cotton? What is the weight difference between the mesh hat versus full cotton hat. If mesh, how many holes are in the plastic strap? If it's a buckle adjustment, what is the tension strength of the buckle? Can the hat brim be manually manipulated for a vintage curve? What would be the proper radius for a vintage curvature of the brim versus a more outlaw curve?

By the way, Longfella, what's your name. These avatar signatures are immoral. 

 Disclaimer:  Just joking and having a little fun on here!         


@SimplifyTALightness wrote- "Marcel is the name, and I believe I'm 1 of 2,..."

Thank you Marcel. Don't worry, I haven't met the other Marcel (is he a club member?) and don't even know who he is, but it will stay Marcel. Not Marcel 1. Or Marcel 2. Or Other Marcel.

barncobob posted:

i drill holes in  my hat to make it lighter

After taking the time to compute structural integrity with various hole patterns and weight lost with each (69 different patterns and hole size scenarios with weight added for sewing hole edges so holes didn't fray uncontrollably and sun coverage/structural integrity was lost were run in the sophisticated engineering software on the newest, state of the art computing machine available in the secluded Yoda cave) it has been determined that in the interest of protecting my and other bald heads from the damaging rays of the sun that the official model for older farts should have no holes.

Sincerely yours, Al Lightening Holes Blanchette

I got home with the car’s own power, the ignition keeps cutting off and on again, I had to stop do some shade tree coil replacement and go on. I am not sure if it really the coil or the distributor. What is difficult to diagnose is the intermittent nature of the cut off. 

Great to see some familiar faces and some new faces. I hope everybody will get home safe.

See you next year.

Another great event under our belts! Each year breaks the previous year's attendance record. This was largest group yet with 35 cars in our entourage and 70 knuckleheads and friends to wreak havoc at our host hotel.

I will start another thread to solicit pics and videos with some instruction for submitting. I will finish the Carlisle 2019 video and post later this week then will commence on 2019 SLO to post following week.

Click on pic to enlarge...20190608_091815-1


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Greg, I concur, this was a great reunion if not the best we've had since I've been hanging around here the past 5 years. 

Robert went to great lengths in terms of planning and running the show, the guide-books are a great example of that and the meal last night...spectacular!

Kudos too, for the great decals that will make their way onto our vintage suitcase for future speedster trips. Was Teby responsible for those? They are great!


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