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I'm looking for advice for mounting Bosch horns so that they are clearly visible through the horn grills.  Hopefully, someone has done this successfully and can share suggestions for mounting brackets (likely from bumper mounts).  The Speedster is by VM.

  Thank you!

PS willing to pay if someone has  or can fabricate mounting brackets.


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From the MUSBJIM files of "Keeping It Simple":

I'm not sure how your stock horn is installed in your VM Speedster, but here is how the stock horn is mounted in my Kirk Duncan VS Speedster... (Click on pics to enlarge)SpeedsterStockHorn

...and here is how my auxiliary air horn is mounted in the passenger side of my VS...SpeedsterAirHorn

As you can see, I mounted my air horn using a couple of corner brackets...SpeedsterCornerBrace

...and mending braces...SpeedsterMendBrace fabricate (i.e bend or twist) a "custom" bracket for my air horn. These really inexpensive items can be found at your local hardware store.

Hope you find these pics useful as a visual reference on how you can easily fabricate a "custom" bracket for your specific need.


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  • SpeedsterStockHorn
  • SpeedsterAirHorn
  • SpeedsterCornerBrace
  • SpeedsterMendBrace
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This will be difficult to accomplish on a replica. I looked into doing that several years ago and it's just too much work for the visual. The horn mount on 356's is part of a tubular brace that extends from the front fender to the chassis. A connection could be made to the fender but there is nothing to connect to on the inner side. A panel would have to be made and installed. FRONT FENDER BRACE


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You could do a rather large bracket similar to what MUSBJIM shows up above to mount a bracket on the bumper brace, turn the horn 90º and position it right behind the body horn grills, but I don't know of anyone who has gone to that much trouble.

The juice wasn't worth the squeeze.

And @MusbJim I have similar air horns, but mounted then pointing the trumpets down to keep water and sand out of them.  They still seem pretty loud, especially when I use them to hurry Geriatrics out of crosswalks.  

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@IaM-Ray posted:

Do you have a second horn button Jim?   I have a screeming banshee which uses the same horn wire but when you hold the main horn on the AIR Horn blasts...

Ray, here is a short video I put together on horn loudness comparison. I took the easy route and just kept my stock horn activated on the steering wheel button (this is my "Hi, how are you" horn). I wired my airhorn through a relay so that I could use larger gauge wiring to beef up the juice to the horn air compressor (this is my "WTF horn).

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