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Carlisle 20201 ...I have not entered into a Courtyard Marriot room contract because of the still current CV -19 ( PA still has strict guide lines in place) I will call Charity at the hotel after January 1st. and speak with here.  Hopefully there is enough interest to do Carlisle 2021and would think we would actually have a very strong turn out this year ..Your Thoughts ?

Alan. My thoughts are that it would be great if we could all gather at Carlisle this coming May, but I realize so much is up in the air right now.  I guess all we can do is to plan for it to happen, but with the realization that it may not.  I assume the Canada/US border may be open by then, but there is no guarantee that will be the case.

Perhaps I could hire a helicopter to transport us across the border, and drop us down carefully someplace out of the way...

Nothing would be nicer than to see everyone at Carlisle, 2021.

I would certainly love to see everyone and I plan to be there, assuming things are more under control as far as Charlie Victor (CV-19) goes.

AND assuming I have a car by then.

For a moment there, I thought you were talking about the USS Hancock (CV-19). That proud vessel lasted on the Navy's "books" just shy of 32 years. Hopefully, the China Virus will be long gone well before that tenure! 

Carlisle 2021 Update.    Ed and I just talked this over, we have not reached a decisive decision. Covid -19 still rears it's ugly head and keeping the health and safety of our SOC family in mind, we are asking everyone to save the May 14, 15th Carlisle dates,  we'll take another serious look at this again on or about March 1st .  Thanks for your understanding.   Alan Merklin & Ed Ericson

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

It's a tough choice, you two.  If it's cancelled, then that's two years in a row; but, no one can be sure of the situation in May, except that the virus will still be around.

At the risk of sounding cavalier and alienating myself (again) from my friends:

Every human endeavor has a risk/reward relationship, and we all fall on some differing continuum regarding where we accept the risk because the reward is deemed to be adequate. In my perfect world (not in the one we inhabit), nobody can (or indeed should) make that decision for you. The cornerstone of a free society is the ability to make self-determinate decisions.

However, we need to be honest with ourselves. There's never been a sure thing in regard to safety. Never. We all seem to understand this, given our choice of transportation. Waiting until there is zero risk to do a thing will mean waiting the rest of one's life, or insulating the experience until there is no reward left in it.

The virus is still going to be around this May, and next, the one after that, and for all the Mays we have left on this blue ball. The good news is that world is not defenseless anymore-- a not-insignificant portion of humanity has immunity or resistance to this virus in one form or another. By May there will have been wide distribution of the vaccine to those who are most at risk.

Threading the risk/reward needle is an intensely personal decision and depends on a lot of variables. As a group our personal opinions vary more widely than any congenial collection of humans I can imagine. I wish Alan and Ed (who fall on differing ends of a political spectrum, but who remain friends) wisdom in trying to make a decision, because no matter where they come down somebody will be mad about it.

That guy won't be me. Please don't let it be you.

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I think you are a tad optimistic about the degree of immunity/resistance people have to this virus, and also about the volume of innoculations, or jabs, and they say in England.  Most medical professionals don't buy the 'herd immunity' idea at this stage of the virus, and in terms of the vaccine, only a tiny percentage of people have received it.

Yes, the virus will be around forever, and we will eventually gain some control over it, but that time is a long way off.  In the meantime, precautions are the order of the day - masks, hand washing, distancing, bubbling, and avoiding others.

There will be no anger from me regardless of what decision Alan and Ed make.  We all make personal decisions as to what we feel comfortable with, and that's the way it will be.

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

There will be no anger from me regardless of what decision Alan and Ed make.  We all make personal decisions as to what we feel comfortable with, and that's the way it will be.

That's all anybody can ask. We could argue all day, but there's no utility in it. At the bottom of the well, everybody's got to make their own choices and live with the consequences. We agree on more than divides us.

Be well.

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When we cancelled Carlisle last year, there was not a single voice heard against that decision. Certainly we all deeply miss the gathering of great minds and great cars then there is Lane's Coupe Deville and other new creations to be seen including a fresh build Speedster I will hopefully have completed in time.  ( now in route from Colorado) So let's keep our glass half full and the Carlisle dates date open....Thanks ~

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OK, I'm going to be brutally honest here, so let me apologize up front.

The probability that I (and Kathy) won't be getting vaccinated until April/early May is around 90% because Trump's so-called "Warp-Speed" vaccine introduction seems to be running on impulse engines ("Yeah, if we get the impulse, we'll ask the Pharmas to ship something...")   There is about a zero chance that I'll be going anywhere near a crowd before at least July.  In fact, I've recently cancelled a bike tour in Idaho in September simply because I don't know what will happen between now and then and that's September, not May (not to mention that Idaho's infection rate is higher than New England).  

The Covid cases are ramping UP, not down, the hospitals are way over capacity right now, the promised vaccine shipments are not happening, too many people are STILL not wearing masks - the only deterrent we have right now - and I don't see any way I could possibly attend an event in the middle of all that.  You may think all this will be over by then, but I think we'll all still be fighting it.  Call me wrong, I don't care.  I intend to get through this.

I helped organize a 4-day 750 mile rally in Napa Valley in August 2020. Participants came in from NY, CO and CA. They had their cars shipped to Ferrari of San Francisco and made their own flight arrangements.

A number of the participants were over 65 years old.  A few at 75 years old.

The hotel accommodations had individual HVAC systems, no shared ducting. And the rooms were left empty 3 days after cleaning (ie. No one was in the hotel rooms for 3 days before the participants arrived).

All eating was done outside and socially distanced.

I know I won’t convince those that have made up their minds already. But I just wanted to share, we were able to successfully put on an enjoyable car event with minimum risk.

Kevin:  Back in August, California’s rate of new Covid cases was running around 5,000 per day.  California is currently ramping UP and is running around about 40,000 per day - about an 800% increase.  Given that, I would think more than twice about attending a group event about now and, given the upward ramp, until the end of this year unless you institute something like the NBA “bubble”.   Honestly, you can do whatever you want.  We both (my wife and I) have chosen to take no chances.

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FL inoculation is free for all over 65 yrs old (for now).  I'm scheduled for 19 Jan and 2nd follow up shot on 9 Feb.  Mine is thru county health dept but Publix and  soon Drs will have vaccine.  Some FL residents are upset that non-residents will get it too but there seems to be sufficient vaccine now - some are saying they won't take it.

I just noticed that my wife is no longer seasoning my food - I think she is trying to convince me I have it! 

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Glad you're getting the shots, Greg. My fingers are crossed that the rate of inoculation will pick up soon in Maryland.

As for the rest (above), fellas: let's not heat up this thread too much. It's going to be what it will be, and we're all going to handle it the best we can—all of us on here and the folks we depend on to make the weekend go.

Here's hoping the vaccination outlook improves in the coming weeks and months.

I'm in the planning stages of getting into this hobby and luckily I'm in Maryland < 2 hours from Carlisle!   Hopefully the event happens this year and I get a chance to meet many of you and see some beautiful work on display.    This has been something I've wanted to get into for many years and now my boys are getting closer to where they can build and learn with me.   

I think we are all looking forward to our extended family reunion at  Carlisle 2021 I did talk with Charity Scheffler from the Shippensburg Courtyard the other day, she is always ready and willing to go the extra miles for us . Keep the dates circled and we will look at the current state of affairs early March.

@MarlandGuy ... enjoyed the conversations this afternoon your choice of the  5706 Aqua Marine with the interior will pop and then some !

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