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Me either. Bruce, you have nothing to worry about. My cable shifter is very precise in both my Spyder and my Cayman. It is not a "hokey" method in any sense.

My first cable shift car was my 1990 Corrado. I did break one cable end, but was able to weld it back together. It stayed together for 8 years and 98,000 miles, and still shifted like new.

The plastic plate was just to cover that area until the real shifter mechanism is installed. Temporary dust cover ??  Anyway, I just thought it should be covered better than seranwrap which is how it came from Rancho.

Carey....Are you saying that your own shifter for your mid engine model uses rods and not cables ??  I would be interested in hearing more about that. A few photos would be nice too. By the way, a few years ago, you sent me a bunch of very useful info on all the various Subaru engines available. I still refer to it on occasion................Bruce

Who cares what the engine looks like? It will be hidden 99.9% of the time. Are the boys in Indiana going to make you a door/cover for oil fill/dipstick access? That would make sense.

P.S.: If Carey doesn't hate me yet, he will now with this last suggestion. I've given Lane a few suggestions and gotten a couple nasty-gram texts from Carey!

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Great looking engine Lane! I love the Subaru power plant in my Speedster. I have recently taken a trip back to the Vw Type 1 world with the purchase of the 77 Puma GTE and had a nice 2276 built with all the best parts by a craftsman and in comparison the Type 1 still engine feels like Chitty chitty bang bang Vs's a formula 1 engine.  It is convincing me more and more to have the Puma converted to Subaru this winter.

 You will love your car Lane. Be ready for the post build blues (pun intended). You will have a period of adjustment once you have your car and all the excitement of the build and anticipation to have it finished is over. Enjoy this time because it is a big part of the fun even though you may not realize it now.

@WOLFGANG posted:

It needs to be under a clear plastic engine cover to show it off -

See the source image

Umm, no. People do this to their Caymans. It's not a Ferrari people.

And please, for the love of God, no neon lighting in the engine bay.

The word I'm looking for is......tacky.

Lane has class. Lane is not tacky. Lane will not do this. 

P.S.: I like how the AN fittings are installed in both the upper coolant manifold and lower hose/thermostat housing. Very clean.

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Lucky for you, Lane, the official Subaru oil filter from the dealer's parts dept, is the same color Blue as your car.    

I know that you planned it that way, just for those people peeking underneath.

Subaru Filter

I was getting ready to change the oil in the wife's subaru and decided to do some filter research. I found out that the filter shown, blue one, is made in the USA, but isn't of the highest quality. If one were to be concerned with quality, then the black one made by Tokyo Roki #15208AA160, made in Japan, should be used. Of course, you can't get them from you local Subaru dealer anymore. You'll have to source them elsewhere.

This guy in this video cuts them apart to show you.

Just for your information.

Also, for all you DIY Subaru owners, after your done filling the oil, you should floor your gas pedal then turn you motor over until the oil light goes out to fill the filter with oil. The engine will not start when the pedal is floored. I don't know if this trick works with all models though. We have a Crosstrek. It probably won't work with our plastic car conversions though.

I love little tidbits of info like this. It shows that someone was thinking. I also found a way to disable the "put your damn seat belt on" warning signal that's oh so annoying if your just moving the car around.

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