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@Lane Anderson wrote: "Carey didn’t consult me about the battery."

I just went back through a few pages of this (quite interesting) thread and was wondering if @chines1and his band of merry car-building cohorts have managed to find and install the equivalent of the original "Brass Thingie"?

Or maybe it has been secretly installed, just waiting for that future moment when, in a fit of mischievousness, it can spring forth to be forever lost somewhere in the "Garage-Mahal de Lane".

Intriguing thought, for sure.

Perhaps it will become the topic of a future, many-page-long thread for our interest and entertainment.

We all await.  Delivery draws near.  

This was sort of an appetizer.  The main course will come when Mike delivers it after they do the last couple of finishing touches.  I’m adding a passenger side headrest since the one they did for the driver worked so well, and we had to look at knee clearance for the AC vent location.  A couple of small punch list items and it’ll be good to go.

How does it drive?  Hmmm...  Ok , try this: imagine Chris Hemsworth in a nicely tailored suit.  Great looking, and seriously athletic underneath.  Quite fast, with strong brakes, and great shifter, but what really gets you is the handling.  Very direct and crisp steering, corners flat, and sticks like a lamprey.  The ride is surprisingly comfy, but with a near race car suspension you do hear the clunks of the heim joints over bumps.  I think it adds to the “athlete in a nice suit” vibe.

Many kudos to @chines1 and his band of merry men.

Hi Lane:

Congratulations again on the car, it is beautiful. It is great to hear how fast it is with the Subaru motor and how how well it drives and handles.

I can't imagine how fast my car will be with the 3.2 L Porsche Boxster S motor and how it will handle with that added power.

Good luck with it and I look forward to meeting you and the car one day soon.


Aw, @Robert M - I'm a father and a grandfather. In my world, there's no such thing as a worn out joke - they just become jokes that only I find funny. If you are a man of a certain age, that's got to be enough. We amuse ourselves, and there's a good deal of satisfaction in that.

I was simply surprised to see that Mr. Interesting is really looking a bit long in the tooth.

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