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Todd M posted:


...This is way off topic, but the point is that y'all are helping me tremendously with my coupe build, and if anyone has a question about repairing or improving something on their house, please feel free to ask me...


Not off topic at all, Todd.

Ed (remember him?) is a British car dude. His other car is an MG-TD replica. Which isn't too far removed from that other Jurassic British car - the Morgan.

Which, as it happens, relies heavily on laminated wood forming.

Here's a laminated ash fender fresh off a recent production line.


And here's the 60-year-old form they still use to bend every one. It's not the original from 1920, of course. That dodgy piece of work wore out in the 1950's, after only about 35 years of service.




Images (2)
  • MorganFender
  • MorganForm

Most of you guys are better than me at everything. Here's Bridget's dodgy dash board I made a few years ago with some marine plywood and 1/8-inch blanks of mahogany and tiger maple I mail-ordered from Woodcraft. Cut it all up on a table saw and glued it together with some furniture epoxy. 

I still kind of like it.

Plus I equipped a proper British "Gentleman's Emergency Kit" in the glovebox.

Looks good Ed !                                                                                                                        Tommy Martin (your painter) has done about 2/3 rds of my cars including speedsters,  T' Buckets,  a couple of tubbed pick up truck, car trailers and a metal Futon couch frame :~)

Alan Merklin posted:

Tommy Martin is retired previously owning a huge body shop business . He previously did insurance work, custom motor homes tour bus's, fleet and custom tractor trailers... and a lot of my projects. Tom now has a shop at his home in in St. Thomas PA  (1 hour south of Carlisle) pm me for his phone number. 

St. Thomas, PA?  Guess I will be looking a bit more local.

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