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My original air cleaners are rectangular and can't be used with the turbo hats.

I ordered some oval air cleaners from J-Bugs.  After checking with them weekly for a month they admitted that they won't have the air cleaners until sometime in March.  It would have been nice if their website had indicated that the items were not in stock.

I canceled at J-Bugs and ordered from CIP1. Their website did indicate that they had 2 in stock and I received them today after ordering 2 days ago.

Both the air cleaners and the turbo hats have a nominal size of 4.5" x 7".  Unfortunately, the actual length of the air cleaner base is about 1/4" short of what is needed to work with the turbo hats.

So, I have to figure out how to deal with that.

@DannyP, I will be using the cone filters. I am going to throw away the oval filters and use the oval top and bottom.

I thought I only needed the bottom to mate with the turbo hat. But, the oval base is too short. So, I will cut the center out of the oval top and stretch it 1/4".  Then I will invert the top and have it welded to the base with the extra 1/4" toward the front of the car where it can't be seen.

Then, the turbo hats will mate with the stretched, inverted filter top.



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@dlearl476, thanks for the Pierce suggestion.  They didn't show up in my web search for DCNF air cleaners.

Today I ordered a pair.  I couldn't get just the bases. So, I am in even deeper.  The cost of the turbo hats themselves was more than doubled with the bead blasting and powder coating.  And, I will be throwing away the first set of air cleaners.

I wish the Pierce air cleaners were about 1/8" more.  I may have to do some massaging to fit the turbo hats.

@Stan Galat posted:

All I can think is, WOW— you must love those DCNFs.

I think so, too. The 2276cc I built a few years ago has IDFs now, and CB manifolds and heads(CNC port-matched).

The motor was a 2213cc(I think), 86 stroke x 90.5 bore. It had Berg manifolds, DCNFs. and semi-hemi(I cringe!) heads. And LOW compression. Mike sold all that stuff, including the Porsche-journal rods and Berg crank(with a burned rod journal).

The only parts re-used: the case and the Berg 1.4 rockers. Everything else was NEW. And boy does it run well, now that it's broken in and jetted properly.

Honestly, DCNFs are good carbs, they are lower height-wise than IDFs. Makes installation and tuning easier. But you do need special manifolds for them.


@Stan Galat posted:

...they’re pretty far outside of the VW mainstream, which is why this has been such a huge hassle and expense...

...says the guy who double-plugged and dry sumped a Type 1.

- typed by a guy who insisted on cramming five speeds where there was only room for four.

The other guy's neurosis often appears worse than our own. But, thankfully, this clinic is always accepting new patients and is the only one I know that's open 24/7.


I finally have the turbo hats installed:


The Pierce bases have a 5/8" recess for the air filter, in my case, the gaskets. The gasket needs to be tight against the outside edge of the recess.  I couldn't get the CB gaskets to stay in position. I tried sticking them with Gasgacinch and Superglue.

So, I got some 1/8" thick rubber and cut 58" wide gaskets.

I had to modify the Pierce bases to accommodate my velocity stacks. I had to make recesses at the stud holes where they connect so the base at those points is the same thickness as the Berg base.

I also had to grind away a bit of the bases to clear the turbo hat tubes.


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