Just went down to see if anything has happened this week on my Spyder Frt suspension. No Progress. They had to stop and make a bunch of rear suspension components for other Spyder's ahead of me.

While I was there though, I happened to see a difference in the replacement floor panels that VMC is now using. Whats nice about it is the deeper dish part of the pan extends further forward. You can see the difference between the old style and the current style being used. More seat adjustments are available now plus the old "Z" cut or "Diagonal" cut are eliminated, making a much nicer looking finished product.  Another improvement with this change is the corners now have the old original corner reinforcement, re-installed, making a little stronger corner joint.  Greg told me today that he has been using these for a while now. Seeing these small, unheralded, changes/improvements, reinforces my opinion that I am in the right place to get a car built...................Bruce


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Bruce, Greg works on the cars just like Porsche: each year gradual and subtle improvements are added. My 2016 Spyder is MUCH changed from what I got in 2002. And honestly in 2002 it was awesome for fit and finish. Now they are simply superb.

I expect no less from his new Speedster line.

Bruce - Delayed reply, with apologies.  Have you started your build yet?  If so, with Greg at Vintage Motors?  I took delivery in June of a beautiful 57 356 Speedster Outlaw built by Greg.  There's really not much to say other than Greg is the ONLY builder, as far as I'm concerned.  I'm sure there are other great builders, but Greg could not have been better in pre-build, during the build, and since delivery.  Great work.  Great responsiveness, honesty and integrity, great product ... and now, a trusted friend for the years to come.  What's not to like about all of this!  Good luck!  Let me know if I can be of any help.  Best, Dave

Dave Bellaire posted:

Troy - As you know, I fully trusted your rec. to go with Greg at VMC Hawaiian Gardens.  I remain indebted to you.  Let me know if ever there is anything I can do to help on this end.  Dave

Glad to hear it Dave. I'm always happy to speak with potential new Speedster owners, whether it's about a car I'm selling or any other Speedster.

Greg is not the new owner of Vintage Speedsters, he's just located in the same Hawaiian Gardens, California location that Kirk occupied prior to retiring.  However, that didn't stop him from addressing a lot of the issue's that some Vintage Speedster owners identified over the years and the cars he's building are vastly improved. 

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