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Robert M posted:
Teby S posted:


Spoke to Paul Kramer At auto kennel  turns out the Lotus guy was actually making fun of everybody’s car along with ours …He even told me the owner of the lotus has owned a couple of replica porches in the past… So he can’t be that bad of a guy...

I also did tell paul it wasn’t a wise thing to say during the video taping of his car burning… He agreed

mr lotus is a true car guy and loves to tinker with all sorts of them..... 

best regards,




See, there you go. I own a REAL PORCH.

Sadly I don’t own a real porch nor a fake one. :-(

i live vicariously through those of you that have one or more. Take and share a lot of photos please. 

I’d be down for an October Napa cruise. I fear an August cruise may have daytime temps around 100-degrees. 

I spoke to the General Manager of a hotel on the Valley floor today about such an event.  The issue with a cruise at that particular time of year (August through October) is extremely expensive room rates due to Harvest season.  Any later than October and it will increase the chance of rain. 

I was informed weekday rates would be more likely to get a great group deal in October. But weekends would be more difficult. 

I welcome everyone’s thoughts. 

Panhandle Bob posted:

Obviously my lack of sophistimication is on display again. Thank you Robert, for setting me straight.

I didn't know what it was either Bob. A group of us were in San Luis Obispo County hitting some wineries and I saw charcuterie on the menu. Not wanting to ask I Googled it and discovered it was basically a way to prepare meat. The word is now used to describe a tray of meat with cheeses and other bits to serve with wine. Of course, being the wise-a$$ guy that I am, I said something to the effect of, "Why the he!! do they need to call it charcuterie? It's meat and cheese, just call it a deli platter so we'll know what it is.". Now I say the word with a stuffy accent just to sound pretentious; kind of like the Grey Poupon commercial. Pleas pass the charcuterie please.

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Robert M posted:
Gary P posted:

Is anyone up from sacramento area and Bay Area to have a one day run and lunch ?

@Ryan (formerly) in NorCal @Teby S @Sacto Mitch @Terry Nuckels @Rick99GSX @Kevin - Bay Area

These guys are all in the area. They might be interested in a run. Depending on when I might even trailer up and go with.

Hey @Robert M. We've got a spare room if you come up.

We'll leave the light on...

Hi guys, I would be down for a day trip. Napa has the charm for sure but the foothills around the Placerville area has a lot of really good winery’s and fantastic roads to drive. Plus the added benefit that lodging is going to be way cheaper than the $900 for three days at Silverado.

Did anyone clicking on the link @OCC provided? An October date was included. 

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