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"Another Speedster Project "  final update ! Paul and his family came out last evening for to fit Paul to driver's seat position, I finished the build at 11 last night.  Over the last couple of days I've put 18 test miles on it sorting out a few  things. I had Jack at Bug Stuff in West Brownsville, PA build a 1776 to my specs and it pulls very well. Working with Paul Luse has been an absolute joy and he just left this morning with a huge smile on heading for home. I am truly ecstatic as to how this speedster came together, it's a stunning beauty .
While Paul's build was going on, I snuck in two other speedster fixer uppers working on those two extra hours weekends and nights. Both projects (#'s 57 & 58) sold very quickly and now I have a Safari Trail custom dune buggy restoration under way.
Despite 70 and yet to  "let the old man in" my Dr strongly suggested I lighten my load and slow down because of my advancing Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and cruddy lungs. So, Connie and I drive south November1st or sooner for a month or so, visit our close friends  to the places I've never had time to see. May look in north central Florida for an active  senior community ....who knows but I hear change can be good for the heart and sole.

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@MarylandGuy- Congratulations, Paul, your Speedster looks great!

And @Alan Merklin wrote- "I had Jack at Bug Stuff in West Brownsville, PA build a 1776 to my specs and it pulls very well."

So, Alan, you know what I'm going to ask-

                                 What's in it?                                                                                                    

(and you know what I need to know- what cam, heads and valve sizes, compression, carbs, exhaust, how high it goes with power- did I miss anything?)

@MarylandGuy posted:

So far, we are about an hour into our drive home and the car is turning heads everywhere.   I will post more pictures later, but here is one from the lovely and eclectic Thomas, WV.   Alan has done a spectacular job on this one.... one of his best pieces of work?   I have to think so!20210731_114110

@MarylandGuy @Alan Merklin what”s nice is Alan know this cars so well you get a closely sorted out car right of the vet go. Enjoy the Madness. 👍🚘😎

Well guys, I have to say this Speedster is awesome and the madness is quickly sinking in.   I've got about 450 miles on her and after getting a few minor things sorted as expected, this thing is absolutely beautiful and really pulls for a 1776.   

Here are some pictures.   The red speedster belongs to my friend Bill who bought it on here from John in Georgia a couple months ago.   He tagged along for part of the drive home.   

The only thing I want to change is the exhaust... which I guess is a matter of taste.   The standard issue tri mill on this engine build is really loud and throaty.  Hoping to either mod this one or replace with something that is quieter. 

Again, many thanks to Alan for a beautifully and expertly done build!20210806_16060220210807_19594620210806_152054


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I had the same issue with the Trimil. Swapping for an inexpensive single-outlet muffler was the first change I made to my car -- in a hurry because I was concerned for the neighbors (especially after the car had been delivered late on a Sunday night). I also found a badly sealing gasket on the Trimil as I took it out, so mine may have been worse than yours. I am not focused on maximum power so you may spend more time shopping for equal length pipes than I did. See comparison photos at


Amazon part as quoted below. Sound is still raucous, not a purr, but loudness reduction was in the significant-to-unbelievable range at 10 db (80 down to 70) based on Sound Meter app from Google Play Store, with phone sitting waist-high, 10 ft behind the car and centered, closed garage, 2500 rpm.

@Sacto Mitch video sounds amazing and has your preferred dual tips. I should look again at the price of that. Look out for alternatives that require the exhaust be removed to adjust the valves -- that took at least one alternative off the table for me.

If you go exactly the way I went, note you have to modify or replace the rear engine tin to clear the intake manifold heat risers that the Trimil doesn't have.

Have you asked @Alan Merklin or his engine-builder for his quieter-muffler thoughts?



Single-Tip Gt Exhaust, For Type 1 VW Engines, Raw, Compatible with Dune Buggy

List Price:$136.95 Details


I like the one @Sacto Mitch has, but it is about $650 shipped from Taiwan, so I would probably want to hear it in person first.

Funny story.   I was driving around my extended neighborhood tonight testing a couple things out and a guy came out in the street and flagged me down.  He said the car was beautiful but didn't sound right at all.   He then proceeded to show me his 356B that hasn't ran since 1983 and his working 914 in his garage.  It was great talking about the history of both and how he wants to get the 356 to turn over.  Really great guy I would never have met without my plastic car.  Now I have someone local to test my vw engine to porsche sound  when I adjust the exhaust.20210808_20082120210808_20081520210808_20081320210808_200045


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