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Hey folks I just spoke to Greta at the hotel. We are set, hospitality room is as usual, invoking "Speedster Owners Group" should get you in with us. Call the front desk at (717) 766-9006 and if there's trouble or questions check in with Greta Bowring directly (717) 458-0531

She says currently Paul & Glenn, Al Greig, me and Dr. Clock are booked in our room block. If you booked in Courtyard by Marriott Mechanicsburg already and are not any of the above people you might be leaving a couple of dollars on the table.

Carlisle weekend Reservation Room List

I just spoke with Greta at Courtyard in Mechanicsburg PA. I went over the room block details Hospitality room etc and have a room block contract

...So give her a call to reserve your room asap!  Greata 717 766 9006

To date :   Ascherman , Erickson, Greig, Holden,  Merklin, Frazer , Drake, Carley.

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Thursday, May 11, all are welcome to join me on The Bank Run.

Leaving the Courtyard by Marriott in Camp Hill at 9:45, we'll take a spirited hour-and-fifteen minute tour over country roads to the First National Bank Museum in Columbia, PA, where Nora (daughter of the original museum conservators) will give us the $10 tour of the only mid-1800s bank in America that's been preserved in its original building, followed by lunch at Hinkles, a 124 year old restaurant and former pharmacy.

After that you can retrace the scenic route or hustle back to the hotel on the highway.

More later.

I'm afraid that Chris and I started that trend (arriving on Wednesday) when I was event organizer just so we could tie up any loose ends before everyone arrived.  Once word got out we were getting there early a whole bunch of adventure-starved people started showing up Wednesday, too.  That might be when we all discovered the Caddy Shack restaurant, over at the Armitage Golf Course in Mechanicsburg.  It was light years better than "Hoss's (sp) Steak House" in Carlisle.  

Hey folks I have set Saturday's Dinner at 6 pm at Snapper's. We can all go together and get separate checks.

The "I Like Pie" Dessert will be served back at the Hospitality Room ahead of the annual Cool Stuff Raffle, which this year will be strictly a 1 ticket-per-customer event.

Please remember to bring something for the raffle table. Here's the menu:


Fried Mozzarella 9 - Snappers Nachos 13- Steamed Clams 13
Snappers Crab Dip 16 - Cheese Pizza 14

Chicken Parmagianna
Served with Linguini Pasta and side salad 21

Single (21) or Double Crab Cakes (27)
House made Crab Cakes served with chefs’ potato and side salad

Salmon Oscar. Pan Seared Salmon topped with Sherry Cream sauce with crab meat served with Rice Pilaf and side salad 26

16oz Delmonico
16oz Delmonico Steak cooked to order
Served with chefs’ potato and side salad 29

Butternut squash and Beet Salad

Mixed greens, Squash, Red Beets, Pumpkin seeds, Goat Cheese tossed in our house orange vinaigrette dressing - 11
Add Chicken or Salmon - +8

Chopped Greek Salad. Mixed Greens topped with Feta cheese, Olives, Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and onions served with a side of house Greek dressing - 11
Add Chicken or Salmon - +8

Snapper Burger 7oz Burger topped with American cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato, served with side of chips 13


@PCH posted:

Glenn and I took the 240Z=LS1 to Ocean City last fall  WOW.

I pulled up behind a blue Z with two white stripes the other day. Had a personalized plate: Z VIPER.  When the light changed I found out why. I hope I see it at a C&C this summer. I’d love to see how he wedged a V10 in that engine bay.

In related news, the guy that welded my cookie cutter was building this:


Turbo LS Powered tube frame Z drift car


Images (2)
  • CA848275-69C6-4674-BFE8-8C255C215604
  • 65C007EF-BC0A-44CD-842C-33CC3DD6A16D

Um...  Wow!

Did you gentlemen ever see "Blue Mamba"?



This car was built about 10 years ago in a tiny little farm town less than an hour from my front door - which I think is pretty fantastic.

The link is to an article with some build photos. It's a SEMA car, so not my bag of chips... but it's also a V10 Ghia, so how can anybody not love that?

I'd happily roll it.


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  • volkswagen-karmann-06
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