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Panhandle Bob posted:

I remember that discussion> Mr. Daniel -------- took tremendous umbrage that anyone, including myself, would be opposed to having diamond pleated upholstery in their 356 or 550.

"Umbrage" is a polite way of putting it. The dude went apoplectic, and got booted from the FB SOC site. I pretty clearly recollect him calling me a "butthurt keyboard warrior" for pointing out that one particular SEMA creation was a little bit Louis XIV.

I especially liked the 2016 thread (click it, it's a link) shortly after the "diamond pleat incident" when Daniel tried to silence Greg (from whom he was buying bodies and frames) for insinuating that he was just finishing Vintage Spyders and calling them his own creations.

It's not super-hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff, if you hang around here for a while.

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Well, I'll be damned.  Ol' Pleat Seat was a con artist, after all. Too bad.  He put out some pretty unusual and very classy stuff, as I recall.  I'm betting he meant well, but shyt happens and when its your ass on the line, even the best of folks can turn ugly.  It's called self preservation.  I have had two such encounters. Many years ago, I wanted to buy a sleep sofa. Found a store in a strip mall, saw the goods, paid some money, and got nothin'  The guy was already in bankruptcy, and turns out, he was going down, and needed cash, so the door was open he was advertising, people were coming in, he was writing worthless orders and cashing the deposit checks.  Until he wasn't.  Never heard of or seen again. a long line of unfulfilled suckers, me included, left at the alter.

In another setting, I happened upon a house for sale that was under foreclosure. Owner was described as motivated to sell. Mid '80s commercial real estate bubble had burst.  Managed to get a contract executed, loan set up, all ready to go.  Settlement Lawyer said all was ready, stop by the office, sign the papers.  Which I did. Lawyer had a long face on when I walked in.  Turns out there were two owners, who used to be friends and business partners,  Second owner held a second mortgage, which was not mentioned at the real estate agent level.  But the title search revealed him.  He was contacted by the bank that was holding the first mortgage and that was administering the foreclosure. Second owner was informed that after the sale the bank would get its exposure covered, and there would be nothing left for him.  He said he'd sign a release of his second mortgage, understanding that the sale contract likely would not yield him any cash for his interest in the property.  On the day of settlement, he understood he would get nothing and decided not to sign off.  Said he wanted money.  So the deal exploded. No settlement.  Go home.  I got this guy's name and number and called him, so we could talk without bankers and lawyers in the room.  My Long story, trying to be shortened:  He explained that the only thing between him and financial ruin and the great abyss was his bankruptcy lawyer, and said lawyer was refusing to work without being paid.  So he, the second owner needed $3,000.  His price to sign off on his mortgage, and clear the title.  Nobody, least of all me had $3000 lying around, having scrapped every dime I had up to get the deal to where we thought it was. We spoke over the phone that night as two guys just trying to make a deal. I convinced him I was an honest SOB just interested in this property as a second home, no monkey business, and I sympathized with his dire position, and we haggled.  At the end of the day, all concerned had enough of the whole affair and really wanted me to get into this property, vs just turning it over to the bank. The two real estate agents agreed to waive their commissions, and the settlement attorney acting in my interest waived his fee, saying that he had already burned through three times the usual amt of time for what he thought was a routine settlement. So, We scrapped up a few thousand extra bucks, sent that $$ off to second owner, he signed off, the title cleared, the bank got its money, and the sale became final.  After all done, I confess to having felt as though I had just been mugged.  But the second owner, a guy with wife and kids, and soon no home, that made off with my money got taken care of, I guess.  Never met him aside from our heart to heart phone conversation, and he was never heard from again.  During our "negotiation" he told me frankly that in the face of getting no money, he was very happy to have the sale fail (screwing me over as collateral damage, sorry about that) , and to have the house foreclosed, sold at auction and that stain to be applied to the reputation of the first mortgage holder, his ex-friend and ex-associate.  If he could screw him just a little more for getting him into this mess in the first place, he'd be very happy with that.  So point of story:

When the wolf is at the door, even the nicest folks can be truly mean.  My bet is DV is in that position.  I'm also inclined to believe that the no insurance break-in and theft story may well have been just BS (or staged??) to stave off the creditors and faithful customers for just a bit longer.  Overall, if I were a short-sheeted customer (which I am not and never was) I'd never forgive him for his deceptions, but I can say that I understand how it came to this.  It would be good to find out what has come of the builds that we assume were in progress.  And also wishing the best for those hurt by this.  Keep us posted.

AS for Louie-Louie, I can't tell you how much beer I sweated out dancing to that song back in school.  It was one of a few songs that was played at EVERY party I ever went to, probably several times a night.  And, as a further  foot note, nobody ever really understood what the words were, aside from Loiue Louie, and we gotta go. So we made up several versions, which I can tell you were pretty raunchy, and will not be repeated here.  Txs Ed, nice throw-back.

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OK, I did it:

Louie Louie

Louie Louie, oh no, you take me where ya gotta go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
Louie Louie, oh baby, take me where ya gotta go
A fine little girl, she waits for me
Me catch the ship across the sea
Me sailed the ship all alone
Me never think I'll make it home
Louie Louie, oh no no no, me gotta go, oh no
Louie Louie, oh baby, me gotta go
Three nights and days I sailed the sea
Me think of girl constantly
On the ship, I dream she there
I smell the rose in her hair
Louie Louie, oh no, me gotta go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
Louie Louie, oh baby, me gotta go
Okay, let's give it to 'em right now
Me see
Me see Jamaica, the moon above
It won't be long me see me love
Me take her in my arms and then
I tell her I'll never leave again
Louie Louie, oh no, me gotta go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
Louie Louie, oh baby, me gotta go
I said me gotta go now
Let's hustle on out of here
Let's go
Songwriters: Richard Berry
Louie Louie lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Jim Kelly posted:

Since we are straight shooters on this forum, we try to see things in a positive light, even when reality says otherwise.  A Google search of Daniel --------- Arizona bankruptcy turns up 1 result for Daniel ---------, 33, Mesa, AZ.  This is from an online search company, not the Bankruptcy court.

For anyone who has a dog in this fight, Google Daniel --------- Arizona Bankruptcy.  One of the hits on the first page will be the Bankruptcy Court site.  Choose Arizona as the BK district court you want.  You will need to join the PACER system, which allows you to search and download docs from the filed paperwork.  It takes some time and effort to get through PACER registration, but, short of a personal visit to the BK Court office, it's the only way to get info, register as a claimant, etc.

Best of luck and please keep the group informed if you go this route.

Hi Jim, am one of the screwed Seduction Motorsports Clients living in Dubai . I have an unfinished , or never even started car project with Daniel since almost 2 years. As I only had received emails and no images I got worried and now my biggest fears have become reality and even worse. Contacted an attorney in Phoenix by email today and have also tried to register at the PACER system but due to not having a credit card from a US Bankaccount, I can not get any info on the filed paperwork. Once I have more info from the attorney, I will share the info here. With regards to DV I was informed that he moved to California, but no idea where. Will not give up .......

Greetings from Dubai.

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Hi Isa,

So sorry to hear of your plight with Seduction Motorsports and Daniel -------.  Almost all of the replica owners on this site have taken the same risks you did, either by having a shop build a new car for them or dealing remotely with an owner who is selling an already-built car.  Fortunately, most of the transactions are completed without drama.  However, when a deal goes bad, it has ripple effects on the whole industry.

I notice from your profile that you are a new member of our site.  I have no idea how many Seduction customers are in the same situation that you are, but the info your attorney discovers will undoubtedly be helpful to them.  I suggest that you start a new thread, either on this site or another car site, that can pool info and resources.  As I'm sure you  know, rumors will circulate about what's going on, and much of it may be incorrect.  You may be able to share the attorney costs if you have other customers in your situation.

Best of luck as you move forward.  On a personal note, I was involved for a few years in a similar situation, as many of our members know.  Hang tough, pal.  Try to remember that, if it's a problem we can solve with money, it's not that big a problem.  Regards, Jim

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Hi Jim, thank you for your reply. Yes I have just joined today after I got the info of the bankruptcy. If any other Seduction Customers that are in the same position as me are on this site, please feel free to contact me, so we can move on as a group rather than a bunch of individuals. All the luck is needed to get some clearance of what is going on ....

Under bankruptcy law, the company has protection the consumer has little so it is difficult and nearly impossible for the consumer to be made whole by the BR Court. Seduction clearly knew they were in a down spiral and most likely shifted things around to benefit him but should he have done so as a " Insider" the court will not look at that in a positive light. . Yes do file a claim, should Seduction have anything left of value you might get a small percentage.   I'm sure  @ Jim Kelly  will confirm same.

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With effort I figured the BK attorney and got the info that I am registered as a creditor. At least. There is a handful more that i know of so far that are also on the list. So next steps to be taken....find an attorney to get legal support. It is truly devastating especially that I have to deal with this from the distance.


There are four customers that we know of that have paid DV a considerable sum of money towards their builds. There is also one gentleman that DV sold his car (on consignment) and never notified him that the car sold and kept the payment. Closing up shop and continuing to fraudulently communicate with customers that it is business as usual is not protected under bankruptcy laws. The fact that he has waited what appears to be 6 months to file (I do not think he has filed yet) will not be taken kindly by a bankruptcy judge. 

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That does it, I'm open for business.

I'd love to build any and all comers a mid-engined, 550 hp turbo Subaru powered Cosworth-built car with 4 wheel steering, a 7-speed sequential transmission, active aero, roll-up windows (bullet-proof glass), and a retractable hardtop in either speedster or spyder trim. The body will be full carbon-fiber with a monocoque tub. I'll upholster it in snake-skin (optional emu) leather (pleated, if you like) and paint it with 147 coats of candy-apple and 98 coats of clear. The paint will be at least 1/8" thick. Color-shifting or stealth-fighter radar-absorbing paint are optional.

Stopping is important, so your car will have carbon-ceramic rotors and monoblock 8-piston Brembos on all 4 corners, with full ABS. Tires are Pilot-Sport Cups on 10" rears and 9" fronts. Bodies can be either standard or ultra-wide body. Interiors can be either retro or full-modern with heads-up display, and lane departure warning systems. All cars will have full dual-zone heating and A/C systems, heated and cooled seats. Memory seats and outside mirrors are optional. It will be hard to fit a power mechanism in a Ray-Dot mirror, but that just shows the lengths I'll go for you!

The car will weigh 1200 lbs, and run 8s in the quarter and lap under 4 minutes on the 'ring.

The car will cost less than $50K, and be delivered in 3 months from the time I start on the build. It's important to remember that lead times are long, and I make several trips a year to research the latest and best tech available. I'll need to go any and everywhere to make your car better-- Rome, the Greek Isles, Cabo San Lucas, Barcelona, whatever it takes.

All I require is a (non-refundable) 85% deposit up front, wired to a numbered account in the Cayman Islands. I can be hard to reach on the phone.

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Under BR Law.. He knows very well what he is doing and probably has consulted an Attorney which would explain the Insider clause. The 6 month plus wait to file is done intentionally thus allows for him to have utilized the business "Insider" status to his financial advantage. Retaining payment on a consignment is another ball of wax . BR courts usually are a legal processing mill of sorts that benefit the business however when said business intentionally defrauds, we know where that goes.

Stan, my check is in mail, too, so add me to your growing list of buyers.  

I recently received my 2018 solar rebate for my roof-top solar system and will forward that check for $88,000 - signed over to you, personally.  Once cashed, please send me  check for $38,000 difference, and you keep full $50,000 for the car - Will paying full price before build guaranty place at the top of delivery list?  I hope so. (Thank You)

Also, both snake and Emu are protected animals here, so please quote me cost difference if use Um-Bwee-Bwee bird skins for the interior.  Pleated not necessary.  

If you need  supply of Um-Bwee-Bwee birds, you can visit here in East Zamboogie. 

Best Wishes from your new friend and Future Stanistan Driver

Stan Galat posted:

You gotta laugh, or you'll cry.

The VW and Porsche replicar hobby is populated by a very few good guys, a lot of pretenders, and no shortage of charlatans and thieves. 

You are so right , how charlatans and thieves sleep at night bewilders me. Be it in business, employment, hobby or just helping someone out, there's something called honesty and integrity that makes for a sound night's sleep.

Alan Merklin posted:
Stan Galat posted:

You gotta laugh, or you'll cry.

The VW and Porsche replicar hobby is populated by a very few good guys, a lot of pretenders, and no shortage of charlatans and thieves. 

You are so right , how charlatans and thieves sleep at night bewilders me. Be it in business, employment, hobby or just helping someone out, there's something called honesty and integrity that makes for a sound night's sleep.

I think they sleep better than most because they don't have a conscience to keep them up.

I own a Seduction 550 custom built in 2017. I don't have an insight as to what happened to Daniel, but can say this: (1) I am very happy with the car. Excellent fit and finish. It hauls ass and gets lots of comments. (2) Most of what Daniel told me was not based in reality. Originally he quoted a 6 month build. It took 18 months. Always excuses about the delays and poor communication. (3) I was never late with a payment and unfailingly polite, but Daniel was a very prickly, easily offended guy. Customers shouldn't have to walk on eggshells around him because he is a hothead. I think he is/was a good car builder, but that is not the same as a good businessman, and I suspect he somehow got in over his head and everything went south.

Folks, I really appreciate all support the board members have provided to myself and the other “customers” of Seduction Motorsports.  Going on-site to investigate and in the process finding out DV had actually removed all the assets and left his advertised location months ago was a great help.  

With the information available, it appears there are unfortunately a large number of people who have entered into agreements to have DV build cars on their behalf.  Each likely making multiple installment payments after it was represented to them the builds were making progress towards completion.

I see a large number of you folks listed in the filings.  

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you would like to share your circumstances.   It will be helpful for us consolidate the facts of the case.   I’m happy to share my information with you and your attorneys as well.

Thanks again,


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