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Is it only the IM's that have the license plate light mounted on TOP of the plate (so the lights shine down)?  Or is that not a characteristic exclusive to IM's only?


Most of the Speedsters I've seen have the lic plate light mounted at the bottom, so the light shines up.  (or at least, that I've noticed, anyway)

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From the TYP356NE club members:


A 1955 Shine-down:



photo [3)


And a post-'57 changeover shine up light:






And I found this; a car VERY similar to what my older brother had when I was a kid and only added here because I like it:





But you know, I wouldn't get to hung up on shine up or shine down on a replica.  I've seen plenty of things not even close to original that look OK.  Like Bee-hives with a shine up, PLUS a 3-gauge dash rather than 2-gauge, VW dash knobs (not Porsche) and a centered hood handle (most of the pre-A's had the handle off-set by up to 1/4").  


The bottom line?  Don't sweat it......


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Thanks Gordon, you're right about not sweating it.  I was just looking to see if one style was unique to one particular builder.


I'm a fan of the shine-up with teardrops-look, since the light doesn't upset the car's silhouette when it's further down/closer to the bottom.

But after seeing that C that Wolfgang posted with the lights integrated into the back bumper....ooohhhweee I like that best!



My car came with a shine-down light that was positioned too low.  I ordered the 'correct' part a did the shine-up thing and had the same feeling you do about it having a more natural flow to the rear of the car and was very pleased.  Customization is one of the endearing things about these cars.

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