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Carey got my master cylinder changed and put the whole front of the car back together. My turn signal switch was busted, so we put a pre-A style one in (the early 550s had switches with black housings, the later ones had tan housings that matched the tan steering columns). 

Carey is going to rivet in a new leather strip for the rear cowl and also put my tire holder in. I think he’s also ready to start plumbing in my front mounted setrab oil cooler, too.



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Carey and I have been collecting photos of original 550s in an attempt to learn about the details of the interiors.

I was able to see the European Collectibles’ 550 in person last March (2019), and got some up close photos. We also ended up talking to Andrew Hosking, owner of the site, who has provided many photos and guidance for this build. 

Carey suspected that the vinyl probably wouldn’t stay in place too well along the door thresholds or at the top of the firewall without some aluminum ferrules. I reached out to Andrew, and he confirmed Carey’s suspicions. 

Cool photos to see — these are of another French blue car that was done by a restoration shop in Europe. Cool little details. I love this stuff. Carey: not so much. LMFAO



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"Cool photos to see — these are of another French blue car that was done by a restoration shop in Europe. Cool little details. I love this stuff. Carey: not so much. LMFAO"

The builder is trying to finish the project while most guys are continually trying to make it more perfect.... 

I guess that is why Dolly Parton's husband sent her yearly for Plastic surgery tuneups 


@edsnova — Not sure! You might be right. I thought these pictures were from Torsten’s Shop (Simonsen 356 Panels). 

Anyway, here’s the latest. Brad (seen here) is the upholstery guru — this guy is amazing. He’s been planning the rear firewall and getting everything together.

The seats are a mess thanks to my OCD. I had Carey change the cushion shapes a bit and have created yet another mess. I am surprised he hasn’t burned my car in a bonfire yet, to be honest.



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I'm 99 percent sure that's 0051.

Your car's looking spot-on. 

Getting the barberpole material to lay down on that lower contour is going to be real work. I think he'll have to start in the middle and slowly work his way out with the glue, stretching it all the way while keeping the lines straight as possible. Just an absolute slog.

On mine I made a separate foam piece with the right(ish) shape and tried to wrap the material around it. The foam did not have the stiffness or smoothness (nor did I have the requisite skill) needed to make it all lay down properly though, so you can see.

Yeah, though, the seats were fine....

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One advantage of the $10 ignition switch that was standard equipment on my VS is that the designers have already minimized the mass of the key. No further lightening is required - or even prudent.

And the pot metal in the switch body is also the lightest alloy obtainable.

The key shape is correct for mailboxes and piggy banks of the period.

And in a master stroke, they extended this 'less is more' design philosophy to the switch contacts, too.






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