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There are ALWAYS flies in the &^%#$&^!%$ ointment!  In this case there are two, both of which will hopefully resolve in my favor.

  1. I have discovered a failed bushing in the rear suspension.  Carey has express shipped a replacement to me, which I should have tomorrow.  If I can get it installed over the weekend I still plan to drive the SC (my new short name for the Super Coupe.  Like it?)  Otherwise I will drive the BMW.  I plan to be there one way or the other, come hell or high water!
  2. Ok, about that "high water" thing .  Hurricane Sam is predicted to become a major (cat 3 or above) hurricane perhaps as early as tonight. The spaghetti models show it turning north well before approaching the coast, but if it doesn't it could impact my area.  I will track it through the next few days and make a definitive call on Tuesday.  I don't think it'll be an issue, but if it is, y'all go on without me.

If you get the bushing installed and the hurricane threatens, I recommend you pack the coupe with whatever you can and head this way. Save the coupe, I mean yourself, man.

Hurricanes suck, that's one of many reasons I left Floriduh.

BTW, it's currently 70 degrees here with clear blue skies and 50% humidity. Weather looks good for next weekend. Maybe a very slight chance of showers Saturday and Sunday.

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It's 75 here and 51% humidity, so pretty close to you.  I love it!

I've gotten the control arms out and just need to press out the old bushing and put in the new one, assuming the shipping company does it's job.  Carey tells me I may have to put them on a lathe and take off a few thousandths.  Luckily Mike Lempert has a lathe and pretty much anything else I'll need, and he's close by.

Most predictions put Sam as not presenting much of a danger to us, but If they're wrong and an evac is likely, I need to be here.  I should know in a couple of days.

Of course we might wind up back up there with y'all to escape Sam's wrath.

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That's gonna be a hoot in the mountains, Marty, but the overall luxury prize will top to the Presidential limousine.  You're a close second, though.

I need to let you all know that I have succumbed to Marty's influence and will be sporting a pair of Autodromo cognac leather string-back glove during aggressive drives where I need a good grip and want to be doh so stylish.

On the hurricane front, it looks like Sam will still be waaaaaay out in the Atlantic and more evidence points to it getting pulled north, so I think that's a non-issue.  Now if the new bushings will just get here I'll be done and ready for a quick detail.

This is gonna be sooooo much fun!

Wheel bearing?  You mean control arm bushing, I believe.  The first set was the wrong size.  Apparently they changed the control arms a bit after my car and weren't sure which side of the change I was on.  Carey fabricated a set of delrin bushings and they will be here tomorrow by noon.  As a back up I ordered a set from Summit Racing that should be here as well.  One way or another I should have the car on the road tomorrow afternoon.  Installation should take about an hour (fingers crossed).

I put the Vreds on today. They feel so darn SUPPLE. The ride was smooth before, but now it's sublime. I'm even running a few pounds more air pressure. Sticky, sticky, and you can feel every pebble and ripple in the road. I'm sold.

The 300 treadwear is almost half of the Yokohamas(560 treadwear) that were on there. The round shoulders of the Vreds should be more forgiving with the archaic suspension design.

No, unfortunately I'm not coming to Smo this year.

I just wanted y'all to know to watch out for Carlos this year. He should be REALLY "up on the wheel". He's got Vreds and a front swaybar installed...

Watch out for the NEW "Carlos Deliverance Run Machine".

Lane, I officially want to welcome you to the MEOC, or Mid-Engine Owner's Club.

Be careful, a mid-engine car's limits are higher, but there is little to no warning between going and gone. I've no idea how your car is set up. I'd take it into an abandoned parking lot and play a bit in second gear. Lift off the throttle in mid-corner on purpose just to see what happens. Mid-engine cars have a REALLY good philosophy: NEVER LIFT! That doesn't mean you have to floor it, just MAINTAIN the throttle and steer into it if the tail starts coming round. But never lift, it WILL definitely come around then.

I had a very slight throttle lift(momentary lapse in concentration) going up through the esses at Watkins Glen, at over 100 mph. The back end got loose on the left hander, there is a slight flattening of the hill right at the apex. I squeezed a tiny bit more throttle and steered into it. My instructor said "that is the one and only warning you'll ever get to NEVER lift there. However, that was a most excellent recovery, you gave it just the right amount of squeeze and reacted SMOOTHLY. Well done." Needless to say, that track has a lot of Armco and it's really narrow going up through the esses. That would have been painful and expensive. That was at the end of the first day and I was flat out from the turn one exit to the bus stop. On the next lap I was going about 135 and lost my brakes trying to slow for the bus stop. I straight-lined it, weaving through the cones and got it slowed down.

Anyway, explore the car slowly and gradually increase speeds. And the bottom line: have fun, safely.

@DannyP posted:

I put the Vreds on today. They feel so darn SUPPLE. The ride was smooth before, but now it's sublime. I'm even running a few pounds more air pressure. Sticky, sticky, and you can feel every pebble and ripple in the road. I'm sold.

I know, right?

I can't for the life of me figure out why everybody is so indifferent to these tires. They're transformational.

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