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Gentlemen - this is a public service announcement to check your nuts.


I had an odd scuffing / scraping noise from the rear end at speed accompanied by a slight creak or groan at slow speeds. I did some research and found that this was most often attributed to loose rear axle nut.  I had the seals replaced by a reputable shop a few months ago, so I figured that couldn't be it.


Weeellll... on a whim I decided to pop the cotter pin and check.  Sure enough. The nuts were pretty loose. I was amazed with how easily they could be turned with a standard socket wrench.  


I went ahead and torqued them to the requisite 200+ ft/lbs of torque. Put it all back together and guess what? No more noise!




That reminds me of the first time I got my IM from the train shipper. I drive home 250miles and I am hearing this noise in the front .... I take the mooncap off and a stud is rolling around in there I had driven home with only 3 nuts. I put it back together and found another not too tight either... Imagine it coudl have been a nightmare. 

Originally Posted by Caretech-IM:

That reminds me of the first time I got my IM from the train shipper. I drive home 250miles and I am hearing this noise in the front .... I take the mooncap off and a stud is rolling around in there I had driven home with only 3 nuts. I put it back together and found another not too tight either... Imagine it coudl have been a nightmare. 

YIKES!  That would have been a wild ride.



With my first Cobra I took off from home went about 2 blocks and felt a vibration from the rear end, got out and walked around the car...low and behold the passenger side rear wheel knock-off spinner was almost off the wheel... I had never checked the tightness of the spinners.


That was the last time I did that and I then put on retainer wires on the knock offs...

Originally Posted by Gordon Nichols - Massachusetts 1993 CMC:

Just saw a bunch of street rods with Boranni wheels and ALL of them had safety wires.


And here I thought it was just so they wouldn't lose their "fake" spinners......

Just trying to make the 'fake knock-offs look 'real'...LOL and maybe not to lose a spinner, was just looking at an add for fake knock-offs in Street Rod, man they ain't cheap!!! $395 a pair for the fake mounts and $85 for each knock-off spinner! Yikes!!!

Will they fit w/out any modification to your dash?

When I looked at these over a year back I though the diameter of the
stoddard gauges was slightly smaller than Chinese gauges used by Kirk on
his VS...

I could not find a rubber spacer that would fill the gap to accommodate the
smaller stoddard gage. And re-glassing the dash was not an option for me.
(too much work).

I actually considered having West Hollywood gauges put the VDO guts in the
Chinese cases...( apparently they do this often for our replicas when the
Chinese guts fail) but when I got the price quote, I decided there were
other more pressing projects I wanted to focus on first.

Would love to hear your thoughts/findings, as a gauge replacement is
something I have been considering for ever... and would jump on if I could
retrofit without a dash modification.

Those look awesome...

Those are very Cool... Great restoration job. Was it done by the west Hollywood guys?

Sorry for asking, but who is Helmut? And does he sell the adaptor rings to allow for the 100mm original style gauges to be installed in a 110mm Chinese gauge hole? If so, that would be AWESOME!

I would love to install original style gauges in my car....

Are you also changing your speedo cable?

Million thanks Ted, and congrats on the new gauges.... Awesome winter project.

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Funny. Not funny.

So, today being December 6th, I figure it's a great California day to take the speedster out for a spin. Pulled into my local watering hole and was greeted by 5 couples who were out for a spin on their HD Motorcycles.

One of the guys asked if it was an original. I said no it's a replica. One of the harley guys said "Yeah, I knew it was a replica, just look at the wheels. They are obliviously  wide five bug wheels..."

My eye is still twitching from that one...


Ted, I had shoulder surgery on thursday and can't drive. However a good buddy who has 2 911s offered to give my Speedy an airing out on a beautiful 55 degree day on the Jersey Shore. he returned with a grin from ear to ear. He couldn't believe how tight it held the corners and best is the fun he had, people waving , saying great car and when he stopped for a beer their was a small group just giving a thumbs up ! Come to the Jersey Shore for a ride you'll love the response you get.

Craig R

051911 031asI've built 5 custom cruiser bicycles. One of them is a chopper and I always get the thumbs up from the Harley crowd, but, I often get the "Where's the motor?" I have two replies depending on attitude. "It's has a two cylinder, Pat and Charlie." (my legs) or "I'll put in a motor, when I get old and weak."

Our bike shop was in the local X-mas parade this weekend. We rode all 5 of my bikes in circles around our shop truck and trailer. I got the "Where's the Motor" about 3 times. Whatever, we were having fun, and the kids loved them.



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  • 051911 031as

Around where I work, there are not a few eccentric types and clever folks of all stripes.  Our environment is one where typically, the staff are housed in offices, usually two to a room.  So you get a few square feet  for desk, chair, bookcase, computer, etc.  Some, like myself, end up working here a pretty long time, and so tend to "settle in" you might say. The saying goes around here is that a clean office is the sure sign of a sick mind.  This is expressed by those that can't for the life of them manage to keep stuff from piling up.  These latter folks would be the group I fall into.  That is an awesome garage you have there, and if I had such a place, I'm not sure I'd know how to behave inside of it.

Documentation of my slow descent into the madness...IMAG1001

The 1600 was good for about a minute...

Then added the 36hp shroud, some Kadrons, and the stainless A1. I spent some time trying to make the motor look a little more like an original 356.motor.


Well... The motor ran well, but it was slower than Teby in a singles bar. I upgraded to a 1915 and a new transmission built by Ken Porter. Oh, then there was the Setrab.


Everything was cool, then Teby had a 1905 built and it was real fast. Jim's 1915 was fast. Troy has always been fast. Everybody was fast... I needed Moar Powa!

So then this happened... 



CB Performance 2054. Giddy up!!

The slow downward spiral into the madness.


Speedster ownership... One hell of a sickness.



Images (7)
  • IMAG1001: Original 1600 that came with the car...
  • IMAG1006: The goodies to dress the motor up...
  • IMAG1003: The 1915 with the SVDA and some Kadrons.
  • IMAG1004: CB Performance 2054.
  • IMAG1025: CB Performance 2054
  • IMAG1000: It happens so slowly you dont even notice it...
  • IMAG1000
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