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Well I finally got behind the wheel of my Coupe today... sort of.  I was over at Mike Lempert’s place helping him work on my steering wheel.  We got the spokes sanded and polished and worked out how to do the wood segments, gluing up one of the three layers of teak.  There is also a layer of ebony.  In all, there are 27 teak segments and 9 ebony ones.  I see why he charges $1200-$1400 just to redo the wood on one of the real Porsche ones.  It’s kind of a PITA.

In other news, Carey tells me he’s found a supplier for the flat safety glass In the side windows, but it’ll still be a few weeks until they’re ready for installation.

Because COVID!!

"If it was me, I would get caught on the couch driving the steering wheel, making engine noises."

Not exactly without precedent:


That Recarro Wannabee is now resident in the Facebook-famous "Hoopty", cruising the streets of Baltimore and DC, looking for potential 'Vette "road kill".

I think Lane has the only other copy of that poster on the shop door, too....   A montage of his Speedster build.


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Naaah, it was’t THAT long ago.  Pearl’s body was bought (in black gel) in 1993, but I had to add on to the garage for room to build her, so the real build started in 1994, finishing in 2001.  Chris would have just gotten to high school when it started?   He graduated college in 1999 and I got it on the road in 2001.

The photo above was the red, Speedster #2 build in Beaufort, so that would have been 2010-ish?   The poster on the door was a low-res, slightly fuzzy “first try” on the Staples wide-format printer.  Later ones were much better quality.

Dan - you must have gotten that poster from the raffle.  There were three slightly different ones.  I forgot I made that one!  I just remember that in order to get the photos crisp I had to create it in hi-def, the file was around 700 MB and saving it to a thumb drive took about five minutes on my old Mac.  There was a Lane-build-specific one, a broader Carlisle one (Dan’s) and a Chris specific one for the build that became a Christmas present.  I must still have the files someplace.....

@DannyP posted:

Nah, Marty just stopped by and tied a beer bottle on a string inside the door, like disgruntled GM workers used to do. He he he!

If a coworker leaves one of their bikes unattended at work, I'll sneak a marble dipped in grease into their handlebar. It wont make any noise rolling the bike around, but as soon as you hit a bump on the trail, an unknown sound appears. Drives them batshit crazy.

The employee handbook has many don'ts listed because of me.

I've never been certain he wasn't pulling my leg, but my uncle who lived in Las Vegas once owned a Peugeot wagon of the type that was used for inter-city taxi service in Africa. He told me that when it got down to a 1/4 tank, he'd head down to Cuidad Morelos and fill up on dirt cheap Pemex diesel, and it would last a month or so before he had to drive back down.

Suby 2.5 in a lightweight coupe? I'll bet you could cruise at 75 and get 30-35 mpg. You should be able to get 400 miles of range and still have a reserve easily with that tank.

Around town with a lot of "brapping"? Not as much as interstate cruising, but I'd bet at least 25mpg on your worst day.

Beautiful tank fabrication, Carey!

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