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The latest from the frazzled but ever so productive Mr. Hines:

"Trans had a bad reverse light switch, and access to it is blocked by both the shifter and header, so we ordered a new one, swapped it out and then did final install on the shifter.  We’ll be starting exhaust next week.  I had a local metal fab guy come out and look at what we talked about re” exhaust tips and we’ve got a plan for it.  Once I get the twin tips routed, he’ll fab up some surrounds.
Mike has been working on wiring.
Doors are on the bench still but windows are installed and fully functional.  We’ll just make some minor tweaks to the angle of the frames to aid in best possible sealing, once the doors are hung.
The RF remote relay came in and we’re working on integrating it to control the driver’s window.  Almost done with that as well."

And a few pictures.  Looks like a may have started a color trend.

Engine cover 1Latest progress 5FEB 1Latest progress 5FEB 2Latest progress 5FEB 3Latest progress 5FEB 4Latest progress 5FEB 6


Images (6)
  • Engine cover 1
  • Latest progress 5FEB 1
  • Latest progress 5FEB 2
  • Latest progress 5FEB 3
  • Latest progress 5FEB 4
  • Latest progress 5FEB 6

In addition to admiring your car, I am now also obsessively enlarging and zooming in on all your pics in the hope of even the slightest glimpse of my speedster.  I think in your 4th picture (rear 3/4 driver side) I can just make out the nose peeking at me under the other coupe on the lift in the background.  Based on the pictures I got last week, position in the shop, I'm almost positive!

I'm such a nerd.

Yes Sam that is yours.  It moved  more central this morning and they've installed taillights, engine grill, pedals, all latches and releases, brake/clutch cylinders, and are working on plumbing and wiring also.    Your doors are on assembly racks and they've also done inner and outer handles, latches and mechanisms.

Outstanding Lane!! Looking forward to seeing the car at Tour D' Smo!

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Tour D'Smo.

Gotta get down there this year, if all conditions are go...

@DannyP posted:

I'm in.

I'm 100% in. I'm in for as long as I'm upright.

However, it's February already. We're burnin' daylight. We need somebody to head this up. I've been to the Maggie Valley Creekside Inn 3 times now. I thought I might be sick of it, but so far I'm not.

We need somebody to scout a different home base and some new roads (there are countless great roads in this part of the world). Somebody local. Somebody wise to the ways of the mountains. Somebody with the time, energy, and good-natured constitution to head this up.

Somebody in short, like @Carlos G-- our mountain-man, Gandalf the Gray.

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I’ve got the file.  It came via FB Messenger and I downloaded it to my iMac.  I wish the site would provide more error information.  All it does is put a red stripe over the upload line and change the status to "Error".  The file is 4.62MB in size, so it should be ok.

UPDATE:  Well crap x2.  I tried uploading as a .mov file - no joy.  If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.  Both files work just fine on the iMac.

UPDATE: Well crap x3.  I tried loading both file types from a Windows 10 PC.  Same thing.

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