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I think two soft bags will fit nice.

It comes with fitted luggage, right?


FWIW, years ago when I first started traveling for work, I bought a set of Land's End's trademark canvas luggage. I'm really glad I picked dark blue because, fast forward 20 years and it perfectly matches my 968. The two suitcases fit side by side in the trunk and the gym duffle fits just right on the cargo shelf. I often think I should take them to an embroiderer and have them monogrammed with the Porsche Emblem and 968 logo.  


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Merry Christmas to me.  Carey just emailed me that he side glass has finally come in and they can resume the build.  I quote "Still several weeks of actual build time left and then a week or so in upholstery, but we’re finally in a position to wrap this thing up!!!"

Woohoo!!!!  After it's completed he will put some miles on it to make sure all is well.  Hopefully I will see it in February.

And then, Lane, you had a bunch of Yah-Hoos building your speedster in an open pavilion...At a car show...In the rain....With those two old big-bellied guys (Statler and Waldorf?) hanging over the fence offering encouragement.

Talented Yah-Hoos, I grant you.  But Carey never told us how much stuff had to be "finished" once it was back Bremen.

Stan wrote: "Wait... Carey got something delivered from a vendor in December?!?"


I wanted a nicer box to hold my heater controls, so I ordered a nice ABS plastic one with the perfect dimensions off of Amazon.  The order was confirmed and a shipping label printed the very next day and I thought, "HA!  It'll be here in less than a week."

That was back on December 8'th.   Haven't yet see the shipping label activated and can't track it.   I gave up yesterday but for some reason I couldn't get a refund through Amazon, only a return ship label (probably because they see the shipping label's been printed, too).

In the meantime, I ordered a couple more from Allied Electronics, one of my old vendors when I was working, and it'll be here on Saturday.  I can see that they've already shipped.

So as John Lennon once sang (sort of):  

"And so this is Christmas
And the shipping is slow
I've not got my presents
And I'm feeling so low...."

Oh, and the wheel has some neat characteristics.  First, the metal center is a full .25” thick, making for a very rigid wheel.  The wood is done exactly like the 356 B and C Carrera wheel with several teak layers in segments joined at specific angles and an ebony middle layer.  Unlike the very large Carrera wheel (16”?), my wheel is a bit smaller at 15”, which meant recalculating all the angles - lots of work!

I think it turned out beautifully.  Mike does too, and will offer them for sale.

Latest update from the eager Mr. Hines:

  • Mike has been under your dash and in your engine bay most of this week, finishing up your wiring.
  • We pulled the intake of off your motor and are modifying the coolant crossover.  It needed to be about 1-2” shorter simply for an easier coolant hose path.
  • We also replicated the 356C bottom tunnel cover (metal with diamond pattern bends) which really isn’t important, but the diamonds add strength and I thought it was nicer than just a flat panel.
  • Your doors are on one of the benches also, windows and motors are going in and we’re sorting issues with the window frames.
I won’t be as bold to say the car will not have any issues, but we’re really putting everything through its paces and trying to get as much sorted as humanly possible based on feedback from my car's testing.  I've already improved several systems in the car and while it is taking FOREVER I know you’ll be happy with the results. (I'm sure I will, Carey.)
BTW, not sure if I mentioned it previously, but before the snow hit Randy and I were out racing around and his 3.6L powered 914-6 couldn’t shake me 0-xxx . Around xxx he started pulling me and we both gave up xxx-ish but it was clear he was faster on the big end, but man he was shocked that I was all over him down low.  :-) (This was in the 1st prototype Coupe on what I am sure must have been a closed course with all safety precautions taken )
Uh, you might want to be careful with your phrasing (...all over him down low) around Fincher, @chines1.  You know how he is.
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